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Features of delivery of copper scrap


In the process of processing the workpiece, there are always chips, trimmings and other waste of pure metal.

Features of delivery of copper scrap

In the modern world, copper is the main non-ferrous metal, which is in high demand. Both primary metal and collected for recycling are equally highly valued. Receiving copper scrap is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. In its pure form, this non-ferrous metal is not so common. In addition, there are other important factors that should be considered during the collection of scrap, and its sorting before delivery.

Household and industrial copper scrap

Many enterprises use copper round timber, rod and sheets for the manufacture of their goods or components. In the process of processing the workpiece, there are always chips, trimmings and other wastes of pure metal. They are collected and become a large batch for processing. Household scrap is very diverse:

  1. Old, numerous radio components.
  2. Cables, wires, stranded conductors.
  3. Winds of electric motors from household appliances.
  4. A lot of copper is found in refrigerators and refrigerators.
  5. Heat exchangers from old gas or solid fuel boilers.

Important: the purer the metal, the more you can get for it. Heavily contaminated with a variety of impurities can be accepted at a minimal cost or a person may be refused. Processing of contaminated non-ferrous metal is associated with additional difficulties and energy costs.

Who can buy copper scrap

There are special recycling points in cities. Many of them are designed to receive only certain groups, including metals. The specialist inspector must be well versed in alloys in order to be able to distinguish pure copper. Usually, there are several price categories that the owner of copper scrap can count on:

  • maximum price for copper cables and bare wires;
  • high cost for copper products and scraps;
  • copper shavings are also valued by scrap metal collectors;
  • copper mined from electrical appliances without further heat treatment.

The last category is accepted for processing, but at a reduced cost. Indeed, in addition to pure metal, a mole may contain various kinds of pollutants. Lacquer insulating layer, iron, oil deposits and other types of debris inclusions.

Important: there is a group of scrap that is prohibited for delivery, which cannot be accepted for recycling by recycling departments. This category includes closed containers, military equipment and its parts, any stolen goods, property of public utilities. In all these cases, the person who brought the scrap for delivery may have serious administrative and criminal problems with the authorities.

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