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Rolled metal in Chelyabinsk from a direct supplier

Rolled metal in Chelyabinsk from a direct supplier

The specifics of the shipment and storage of rolled metal provides for the supplier to have its own metal depot with the necessary lifting and storage equipment. You can buy rolled metal in Chelyabinsk using the online catalog of the METALLPROMINVEST company, which operates in this area with 2016 and gained a reputation as a reliable commercial partner. The main advantages of cooperation with the enterprise include:

  • A wide range of products.
  • Direct deliveries from metallurgical enterprises, which means competitive prices.
  • 24/7 operation of the metal depot and fast shipment of the purchased batch (on the day of the purchase).
  • Delivery of purchased products by the company's transport throughout the Chelyabinsk region.

At the same time, customers of the company can make a choice, make a purchase and order delivery online through the supplier's website. Delivery of products will be carried out exactly as stated, which will allow them to be put into production “from the wheels”, saving money on warehousing.

GOST fittings

With the beginning of the spring-summer season, building materials are in especially high demand. These include reinforcement, the absence of which can lead to a halt in the construction of the entire facility. In the company "METALLPROMINVEST" these products:

  • Different names and sizes.
  • In any volume.
  • Meets the requirements of GOST.

Always in stock even during "peak" demand. When choosing the desired type of reinforcing bar or wire, the customer must use the catalog. Products are classified not only by size, but also by technical characteristics:

  • The grade of steel used.
  • Production technology hot or cold rolled.
  • With a smooth surface or a periodic profile.
  • In rod or wire coil format.

A detailed description is provided for each item of rolled metal. You can place an order for profile pipes in Chelyabinsk or fittings through the METALLPROMINVEST website ". In case of questions or problems when making an independent choice, the customer should consult the technical manager of the enterprise. To do this, just send a message or call by phone (numbers are listed on the main page of the Internet resource).

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