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Steel pipe: types, classes, and features

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Steel pipes have become an integral part of any home or apartment. Pipes & fittings — the most popular category, not only at home but also in industry.

Steel pipe: types, classes, and features

Among building materials there are some categories, which is indispensable in the regeneration of any object. Steel pipe have become an integral part of any home or apartment. Typically, the metal products of this type are used for transporting liquids or gases, so it will definitely come in handy when installing the heating system.

steel pipe

In the modern market of metal products a huge range of different products. Pipes and fittings — the most popular category, not only at home but also in industry. Ignorant person at first glance, it may seem that all metal is monotonous, however these elements have certain characteristics and features.

the easiest way to determine the type of products on the profile section. It is round, square, oval and teardrop-shaped.

production Technology pipes can also vary. Distinguish forged, deformed, extruded construction.

the Most common classifications of pipe by class:

  • the first is standard and gas products without strict requirements to their manufacture. Often used for the construction of scaffolding and various protections;

    • the second metal is made of carbon steel and are used for laying of pipelines;

      • third products are used by the thermal power plants and other industrial facilities at high temperatures or pressure.

        • fourth — pipes used in the exploration of new oil deposits. Also frequently used in drilling equipment;

          • fifth — here are the so-called structural materials. As the name suggests, that are part of complex structures: cranes, masts, carriages, etc.;

            • sixth — pipes of this class are exclusively used in the engineering industry. It cylinders, tanks, and other items.

            Why, of all the most popular metal steel steel products? This is due to the properties of the material. It has high thermal conductivity and small thermal expansion, can withstand extremely high temperature and high pressure, resistant to mechanical stress. Besides steel products low price and a fairly long lifespan, making them the most profitable.

            Why choose steel pipes for heating in the apartment

            Because often the question about the choice of tubes in front of the ordinary man becomes the replacement of the heating system in the apartment, it is necessary to consider this aspect in more detail.

            heating pipeline

            the Long steel products used in the construction of the heating system. Over the years, the producers presented a great alternative: PVC pipe, plastic, copper products and structures of cross-linked polyethylene. However, steel materials are not lost popularity.

            High demand metal owes its main advantages:

            • durability, reliability and resistance to mechanical and physical damage;

              • no need to use compressors due to the low coefficient of thermal expansion;

                • high level of conductivity of heat, which is crucial for efficient heating.

                These properties make steel pipe the best option for such use. Although it is fair to mention some difficulties, namely the installation. When installing them have to work welding machine or cut threads on pipes. However, this problem is disposable and quickly solved.

                When choosing a pipe, take into account the type of installation of pipeline, the maximum pressure in the system, and for private houses and even the design capacity of the boiler.

                we Recommend to buy steel products only in specialized retail outlets or online stores. Before buying, always ask for documentation confirming the quality of the pipes.

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