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Steel reinforcement from the Astim company


High quality fittings are presented in a wide range

Steel reinforcement from the Astim company

Rolled metal products from the best domestic manufacturers are presented on the website of the Astim company. Here you can order a wide range of high-quality fittings. On the site https://as-tim.ru/armatura/ you can purchase steel fittings with delivery at competitive prices. You can see the assortment in the catalog on the website.

Areas of operation and basic properties of reinforcement

This type of rolled steel, as rebar, is widely used in various construction industries. It is advisable in the field of strengthening the foundation, building the frame of reinforced concrete structures and other areas. The choice of assortment is directly related to the field of application of the reinforcement.

The main parameters for the selection of steel reinforcement can be noted:

  • Brand.
  • Length.
  • Diameter.
  • Surface type.

Reinforcement steel grades А240, А1 and others are available for sale. The length can be varied. You can purchase fittings in a coil of different diameters - 6, 8 and more millimeters. The surface of the reinforcement can be smooth and corrugated. If you are having difficulties with the choice, you can pay attention to the characteristics of different diameters. The profile number (reinforcement diameter) will help you with this. Knowing this indicator, you can find out the mass of 1 meter of the profile, the number of meters per ton, the cross-sectional area.

Where to order steel reinforcement?

Fittings are subdivided according to various criteria, from the manufacturing method to the type of installation. Depending on the manufacturing method, hot-rolled and cold-rolled rebar are distinguished. Depending on the type of installation, reinforcement for the frame, mesh is distinguished.

Astim's specialists offer high-quality fittings of various assortments. It fully complies with all established standards and requirements. At the same time, it has a long operating period, high strength, wear resistance and workmanship. She is capable of resisting external factors. In the company you can buy fittings at the best price. When ordering fittings, you can get a discount on products. You can find out more about this on the company's website.

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