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What is rolled metal: definition and types

What is rolled metal: definition and types

The term metal rolling means products of various shapes, made of ferrous metal or non-ferrous alloys. These products can be used in mechanical engineering, instrument and shipbuilding, construction industry, medicine, aviation industry, electronics, etc.

Rolled metal is usually classified according to the type of finished product. According to this classification, there are 4 types of rolled metal:

  • sheet;
  • varietal;
  • shaped;
  • pipe rolling.

Sheet metal

This type includes hot and cold rolled sheets, strips and coils. Sheet metal products are intended for cladding the hulls of aircraft, sailing ships, refrigerators and other household appliances. The demand for steel sheets is due to their strength, long service life, as well as resistance to corrosion, mechanical stress and constant temperature fluctuations.

Sectional rolled metal

For the manufacture of this type of rolled products, special section machines are used. They make it possible to manufacture products with different cross-sectional shapes. It can be an armature, a hexagon, square , circle, wire, etc.

Rebar is considered the most popular type of long products. It is a metal rod with a smooth or corrugated surface. Reinforcement is usually used in reinforced concrete structures to reinforce walls and floors in monolithic structures. For the manufacture of fittings, carbon and low-alloy steel is used.

Shaped metal

This type of rolled products has a complex profile shape. This category includes channels , corners and rails. In practice, the most commonly used channels are cold or hot rolling. They are U-shaped profiles. Channel bars are used in almost all known production areas: construction, machine-tool and mechanical engineering, bridge construction, etc.

A popular type of channel is an I-beam. It is used for the manufacture of columns for metal frame structures, overlapping multi-meter bridge spans, etc.

Tube rolling

This category includes welded as well as hot and cold rolled pipes with oval, rectangular and round sections. Pipe-rolling is used in almost all spheres of industry: in the process of manufacturing production equipment, mechanical engineering, well drilling, construction of water pipelines, oil and gas pipelines, etc.

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