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High-precision bending of sheet metal

High-precision bending of sheet metal

The technology for manufacturing products from sheet metal by bending it is considered quite complicated. It is possible to achieve high accuracy only on special industrial equipment, which is used for mass production of certain types of parts. Today, metal bending is performed at Seven Triangles using the latest generation of CNC machines . Works are carried out to order according to the provided dimensional parameters or drawings:

  1. From sheet metal with a thickness of up to 10 mm and a bend line length of not more than 3 m.
  2. From metal of various grades of steel and alloys (black, carbon, non-ferrous).

Longitudinal bending technologies are used - only bending according to the given dimensions and the desired angle. Or transverse - with the procedure of deposition, stretching, bending (depending on the requirements for the final product).

Types of bends performed

 The machine park of the Seven Triangles enterprise includes several types of electrical and hydraulic press equipment. Only cold bending technology is used (without preheating the workpiece). The presence of high-tech equipment, experience in this production area allow the company to fulfill orders for bending for the manufacture of parts with a complex configuration:

  1. Single-angle - V or L shaped.
  2. Two-angle - U-shaped.
  3. Multi-angle and curvilinear.

Orders for the manufacture of products are accepted after consultation and study by specialists of the engineering department of the enterprise all aspects of the operation. A special calculation is carried out, taking into account - the grade of metal (alloy), the thickness of the rolled products and the complexity of the geometry of the bend being performed. A technological map and a final estimate of the cost of work are drawn up. A formal contract is concluded with the customer, quality assurance, form of payment and exact terms of order fulfillment are negotiated.

You can get more complete information and familiarize yourself with the terms of the order using the official website of the Seven Triangles company. Customer consultation is carried out in the form of a chat or by phone (numbers are indicated on the main page of the Internet resource). The technical specialist will answer all the questions that have arisen and will familiarize the client with the competitive tariff rates established by the company.

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