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Intermediate shaft couplings from "ANP Service"

Intermediate shaft couplings from "ANP Service"

Pumping units are complex mechanisms with a large number of different parts. Not always the movement from the shaft to other components can be done directly. In this case, intermediate parts are used. The intermediate shaft coupling helps to transfer the movement from the rotating part to other pump components.

The part can withstand a torque range from 40 N.m to 63000 N.m. The maximum length of the shaft is up to 200 mm. The angular displacement must not exceed 1 degree. Axial displacement is allowed up to 7.2 mm. The part can interact with shafts that are up to 50 mm away.

Elastic lamellar couplings are not subject to corrosion, vibrations, sudden temperature changes. High humidity levels will not harm them. Produced in accordance with TU, GOST and ISO.

About ANP Service

Our factory has been operating since the beginning of 2007 and during this time has completely re-equipped production lines. In 2019, a bench for testing seals was designed and built. This allows us to determine in advance in which temperature ranges our components can be used.

Our catalog contains not only couplings, but also a complete set of parts for pumps. Lubricators for control of fuel and lubricants noopener">end seals, sleeves, seals. All this is done on our own equipment. The catalog contains ready-made pumps of the OKN, ODNA, ODNR, MDNA and others series.

Modern materials are used in the production of parts. Instead of rubber gaskets, components are made from polymer components. They are not subject to the negative effects of high temperatures and aggressive environments. Metal parts are cast from durable alloys. Together, this extends the life of the components.

A staff of trained employees is working on the production. All parts have certificates that are published on our official website. We have equipment upgrade service. We can retool your plant and provide you with new, reliable pumps for many applications.

ANP Service independently developed a nomenclature for the production of pumping equipment under the API standard 610. Parts repair, customization and testing, as well as full service are available to us. Our reasonable prices are due to our own production and new equipment.

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