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Types of mechanical fasteners


All fasteners are manufactured according to standardized accuracy and stiffness classes.

Types of mechanical fasteners

Special products are used to fasten individual components of a single structure. High-quality mechanical fasteners has a solid margin of safety. A wide range of products allows the consumer to choose exactly the type of product that best suits the tasks. It is impossible to imagine any assembly process without the use of fasteners.

Main technical features

The main requirement is that the fasteners must be designed and made to cope with all the operational difficulties. Both of a technical nature and to resist the negative effects of natural factors. It is worth adding to other, equally important aspects of high-quality fasteners:

  1. Resistance to destruction by chemical reagents.
  2. Resistance to static and dynamic loads.
  3. The presence of an additional protective coating against corrosion.
  4. Accuracy of execution and absence of defects.
  5. Other, minor factors that can lead to the destruction of fasteners.

Important: in mechanical engineering, agriculture and road machinery, special bolts, nuts and engravers are used that can effectively resist the increased vibration of diesel engines. It is unacceptable that in the process of performing work, the mechanism breaks down due to poor-quality fasteners.

Variety of assortment

There is no single, universal fastener that can handle different operating conditions equally effectively. The manufacturer produces both standard and unique fasteners, depending on the needs of the customer. The most popular are:

  • hex head bolts;
  • bolts for an internal hexagon groove;
  • with a rounded head used on railway lines;
  • special fasteners for the foundation;
  • relatively versatile machine screws;
  • nuts as an integral part of fasteners.

All fasteners are made according to standardized classes of accuracy and stiffness. Competent metal production assumes the use of high-quality raw materials with known initial characteristics. The real assortment of fasteners produced is so large that it is not limited by any framework. After all, each customer can count on the unique features of the batch being produced.

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