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Manual multiplier: choice, advantages, features


Convenient mechanical nutrunners-multipliers for industry and car services. All the subtleties of choosing a hand tool and its main advantages.

Manual multiplier: choice, advantages, features

Mechanical multipliers or wrenches are hand tools that are used in production, in industrial enterprises. These are a kind of torque amplifiers covering various areas of repair work, construction, maintenance.

Uses and Benefits

Manual mechanical wrench is in demand in mining, mechanical engineering, in the petrochemical industry. It is used to loosen or tighten the threads on nuts and bolts. This multiplier tool is chosen by employees of car service shops. The functional and reliable nutrunner is also used for loosening screws. In dismantling works, its use is of particular importance. The advantages of a manual multiplier include:

  • miniature dimensions;
  • high speed of work;
  • smooth running when loosening nuts;
  • service longevity;
  • ease of use - no specific skills required;
  • autonomy;
  • the ability to accelerate repair work in a car service, which is important for customers and craftsmen;
  • powerful unscrewing and saving effort.

Mechanical type multipliers are highly efficient in dismantling operations, therefore they are actively used in workshops and large car services.

How to choose an impact wrench

You can choose a suitable manual impact wrench taking into account its characteristics. This device is used in conjunction with a torque wrench. When buying, consider the following criteria:

  • maximum effort - if you exceed the value of the indicator for which the multiplier is designed, it will fail;
  • input square - must match the landing square of the torque wrench;
  • gear ratio - shows how many times the tool increases the force;
  • type of support - selected depending on the operating conditions of the power tool;
  • output square.

The last figure (square) should completely coincide with the drive square of the socket with which you are going to work further. All characteristics are important - the slightest mistake can lead to the wrong choice and purchase.

Hand multipliers are adapted to significant loads, are reliable and durable due to the implementation of the main parts of alloy steel. Wrenches are also made of hardened metal to extend their effective life.

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