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Why Choose Manufactured Tobacco


Making rolls allows you to choose all the ingredients to your liking.

Why Choose Manufactured Tobacco

Excise tax on tobacco products is constantly growing, and therefore the cost of products is increasing. In order to keep demand from falling, manufacturers have to use cheaper raw materials that are not of the best quality. That is why more and more people are giving preference to hand-rolled cigarettes. After all, you can independently choose the components and be sure of the quality.

Why Choose Crankcars

There are many reasons why they decide to make their own cigarettes. One of the main ones is that natural tobacco is used. It has no artificial additives and has its own unique aroma. Thanks to this, you can get real pleasure from the process.

The production of hand-rolled cigarettes allows you to choose all the components to your own taste. For example, you can choose a ready-made tobacco variety or make a blend. It is important that the composition is natural, so that there is much less harm to the body.

Features of factory tobacco

In order to fully enjoy the taste of hand-rolled cigarettes, you need to choose the right ingredients. The most important component is factory tobacco .

It comes in several types. You can purchase products that differ in the following characteristics:

1. Taste qualities. Products are natural and with additives. The second type has different tastes: coffee, fruit and even alcoholic.

2. Fortress. You can purchase a ready-made mixture or make it yourself from the varieties you want.

3. Price. The price largely depends on the quality of the raw materials.

Tobacco is carefully selected during packaging. Only fresh and quality leaves are selected. Only those products are on sale that have fully retained their properties - aroma, strength and aftertaste. The structure and grinding are selected so that it is as convenient as possible to fill the rolls.

How to choose tobacco

If this is your first time trying to roll a roll, you need to minimize the risk of tearing the paper. In this case, it is recommended to use tobacco that is finely cut, which means that the cut should be between 0.5-0.8 mm.

Another important parameter is humidity. The optimal value is approximately 13%. Otherwise, there is a risk that there will be too much mixture. And this negatively affects the smoking process. Alternatively, the mixture will simply fall out or flare up violently.

The most important thing is packing practice. It is recommended that you experiment with the amount of tobacco to find which one is best for you.

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