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The nuances of renting a warehouse


Despite the listed features, warehouse rental is a convenient and profitable service. That is why it is in demand among many companies.

The nuances of renting a warehouse

Nowadays warehouse rent is very popular among small and medium-sized companies. Any objects can be stored on their territory: raw materials and materials, finished products, various cargoes awaiting delivery. On the site http://logisticspartners.ru/arenda-skladov.html you can familiarize yourself with the features of the service.


Recently, managers have given up building their own warehouses and prefer to lease them. This has several advantages:

  • saving time;
  • saving money;
  • great location;
  • ease of maintenance.

Building your own premises takes at least 2-3 months. But only a frame building can be erected so quickly, which will not last long (only 15–25 years) and in which objects that are demanding in terms of temperature, humidity and dust content in the air cannot be placed. Renting a warehouse is more profitable than acquiring ownership after completion of construction, because this service costs much less than an already finished building.

The owners will monitor the condition of the premises. It is they who carry out scheduled and unscheduled repairs. But if the damage is caused by improper operation of the leased warehouse, then the costs of its restoration are borne by the tenant. The troubleshooting procedure should be spelled out in the contract. It also describes the actions of the parties in the event of an emergency.

Near all megacities, there are many large complexes offering to rent a warehouse. Such enterprises are located in convenient locations near transport hubs (highways, railway stations, ports). Convenient driveways with a width of several lanes lead from them to the gates, along which cars of any size and weight can move.


Before concluding a warehouse lease agreement, you must come and inspect the building. Particular attention should be paid to the following defects:

  • cracked basement;
  • damage to windows;
  • traces of water on the ceiling or walls.

If none of the listed defects were found, then you should check the quality of the communications: sewage, water supply, electrical networks, ventilation system.

Warehouses equipped with everything necessary for storage are rarely leased. The company's management will have to purchase racks and equipment to carry out loading and unloading operations. These are highly specialized objects, which are unprofitable to locate in storage rooms. Each cargo requires a special type of shelves, boxes and racks, machines for grabbing and moving.

Despite the listed features, warehouse rental is a convenient and profitable service. That is why it is in demand among many companies. Now there are special, larger complexes, inside which there are premises for storing goods, products and materials.

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