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Pompa - lifestyle brand of women's clothing

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Pompa - lifestyle brand of women's clothing

To be not just fashionable, but truly stylish and exclusively dressed, this is a completely natural desire of every woman. These are the tasks set by the fashion designers of the Pompa company, which today represents a real brand of international level:

And all this successfully works and develops due to the presence of a production base equipped with advanced high-tech equipment, established relationships with fabric manufacturers, as well as a staff of professional, creative specialists in various specialties.

Pompa women's coats

You can endlessly advertise various kinds of down jackets and sports jackets, but only a well-tailored coat of high quality still guarantees femininity and grace. A multi-page section is dedicated to this item of clothing in the catalog of the Pompa store. And a wide range of choices here is really able to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding and sophisticated fashionista. Coat types such as:

  • Jacket and cropped jacket.
  • With a membrane and in the form of a dressing gown.
  • Fitted with and without a collar.
  • Cocoon and double-breasted padded.
  • Trench and shirt
  • Straight cut and even with an asymmetrical waist.

Made from natural or practical artificial fabrics according to unique patterns of our own design. Add to this the absolute quality of tailoring and the combination of carefully selected original fittings.

For ease of choice, the store's website provides a detailed description for each model, which is accompanied by clear photographs. There is a table of sizes and recommendations for determining personal parameters. To services of buyers consultation of the seller. A specialist in an online format will help you decide on the choice and make a purchase. A coat that does not fit in color, quality, size, the buyer can exchange or return within the time limits established by law.

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