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Scope of operation of diesel locomotives of the TEM series

Scope of operation of diesel locomotives of the TEM series

Rail transport is well developed in almost any country. Due to their practicality and efficiency, trains will remain in demand for a long time to come. The modern TEM14M locomotive is an excellent solution for maneuvering wagons with an increased load on the territory of the plant and the railway junction . But, where else can diesel locomotives of this series be used.

Main technical specifications

The single-section locomotive has two bogies and is able to turn into curves of the railway track limited in radius. Easily rebuilt from one track to another without experiencing physical difficulties. Thanks to the modern diesel engine, it consumes less fuel and can run for many hours non-stop. Other important technical features worth adding:

  1. A well-designed and efficient cooling system.
  2. Maximum convenient operation by one driver.
  3. Fuel and lubrication systems work flawlessly.
  4. Own battery to start the engine.
  5. There is a radio station on board to communicate with the dispatcher.

An alternative can be a shunting gas piston TEMG1 diesel locomotive, which uses liquefied gas to operate the power plant . The unique development is suitable for companies and enterprises for which it is easier to get liquefied gas as a fuel than high-quality diesel fuel.

Practical application of railway technology

The main area of ​​operation is large and medium-sized railway junctions. A shunting diesel locomotive is used to form freight trains, even with a very large dead weight. Handles high loads very well. It can form trains as accurately as possible, including high-risk cargo. In addition, the locomotive is suitable for other tasks:

  • delivery of individual wagons to the sidings of enterprises;
  • loading wagons with bulk materials and raw materials;
  • transportation of trains over short and medium distances between individual stations;
  • as an alternative locomotive for emergency delivery of goods.

Diesel shunting locomotives https://product-stm.ru/ absolutely do not need in the electrical contact network. Perfectly adapted to work in harsh weather and climatic conditions. They only need scheduled technical inspections. The latest generation received a more wear-resistant diesel power unit.

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