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Production of metal structures to order: what are the features of the service


Metal structures are widely used in various fields of human activity. What features do they have.

Metal structures are used in the construction industry for the construction of frames, supports, the construction of civil and industrial facilities. They are made of steel with a slight addition of various additives. The construction and production company CUBEGROUP is engaged in the production of metal structures.

Scope of use of metal structures

The decisive load of the structure is calculated on such structures, therefore their main purpose is to strengthen building frames, erect supports, etc. Metal structures are made for the following purposes:

    • for the construction of roads, power industry (railway, bridges);
    • for storing various substances (tanks);
    • for the manufacture of nets, fences, gratings;
    • for stair structures, laying spans in buildings for various purposes;
  • in industrial construction when creating dust collectors, air blowers.

When production of metal structures to order the planned structure is taken into account, determined metal grade, taking into account the features of operation. Metal structures differ in the way they are manufactured for use in mechanical engineering, the chemical or oil industry.

Production of steel structures

Detachable connections of the structure are fixed with self-tapping screws or bolts, one-piece connections - with rivets. To connect metal components, welding is used, the implementation of which can have varying degrees of complexity.

The production of metal structures consists of the following steps:

    • metal selection and preparation;
    • creating markup and processing materials;
    • assembling the structure and performing welding work;
    • finishing and priming elements;
    • painting the finished structure;
  • marking each part for identification and easier assembly.

The cost of manufacturing metal structures is measured per ton, determined based on the complexity of the work performed and the tonnage. The total cost consists of the cost of rental, work performed on cutting material, welding elements, metal processing, painting. The cost of custom-made structures will be much higher. Such a process takes more time, since it requires carefully thought-out preparation, reconfiguration of equipment, and a greater consumption of metal. Production of metal structures to order: what are the features of the service

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