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Overhead crane operator

Overhead crane operator

Crane maintenance specialists are a fairly sought-after specialty. It is chosen by both men and women. Today, this specialty is quite in demand for a number of reasons, from convenient conditions to high wages. You can work in the field of construction or repair work. To study as overhead crane operator , you need to get a specialized education and get permission to work at height.

Peculiarities of working as an overhead crane operator

There are several categories for this specialty - from 2 to 6. After studying at a technical school, you need to qualify as a driver. At the same time, it is important that the qualification is a crane operator, and not other lifting equipment. After graduation, the lowest rank is issued with the prospect of further promotion. To increase the rank, you will need to get a job in your specialty and undergo advanced training.

The work of an overhead crane operator is an opportunity to realize themselves in the construction industry, as well as various manufacturing and industrial enterprises. It will be required where it is necessary to lift and move goods to a height.

How to get a job as an overhead crane operator?

There are a lot of vacancies in this direction of employment. The main thing is to choose a company that offers favorable and comfortable working conditions. For example, you can get a job at Stroy Service Garant +, which offers a wide range of current vacancies. If you are interested in a vacancy, you can visit the company's website and familiarize yourself with the terms of employment. You must have a valid license and have practical experience in the specialty. To do this, you must provide a work book with a confirmed entry.

The enterprise issues overalls to all workers in this specialty, compensates for travel and provides housing. Work is offered on a rotational basis.

Where to apply for employment?

If you are interested in the vacancy of an overhead crane operator, you can visit the company's website. Here are contacts for communication.

You can contact Bryansk, Krasnoarmeyskaya, 91, office 404 or call the hotline number: 8 800 350-27-32. Employees will consult in detail on employment issues. You should call during business hours from 9.00 to 18.00.

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