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Coolant pipes and accessories


They are most widely used in the field of machine tool metalworking.

Coolant pipes and accessories

Modern technologies and innovative materials make it possible to supply, transport (overflow), drain various chemical coolants, as well as gases, without using welding or special plumbing equipment to create a pipeline. To do this, you only need coolant tube (coolants), which is:

  • Hinged construction from a set of elements.
  • The product is of a modular type, each of the hinges can rotate at a certain angle in any plane.

The material for the manufacture of the coolant tube, which in many technical reference books can be referred to as the Loc Line tube, is plastic, which is immune to the effects of chemical compounds that make up coolants. They are most widely used in the field of machine tool metalworking. With their help, it is possible to supply an almost point-like stream of coolant to the place where the workpiece is processed with a cutter or drill. This allows:

  • Improve cooling performance.
  • Reduce coolant consumption.

Easy installation of Loc Line tubes on machine equipment does not require manufacturers to spend a lot of money on its re-equipment and additional adjustment of work. And the cost of the tubes themselves quickly pays off by reducing the cost of purchasing coolants.

Selection of tubes and accessories

You can choose the optimal model of coolant tubes in terms of dimensional parameters using the official website of the USM Group company, which supplies them throughout the country. The pages of the catalog also contain a wide range of components necessary for their installation and operation:

  1. Nut type and T adapters
  2. Tips and nozzles of various shapes
  3. Valves, nozzles and valve fittings, as well as a special tool for quick assembly.

All items shown are in stock and sold through the supplier's online portal. It is possible to deliver the purchased products to the address specified by the client.

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