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Conveyor belt equipment


The most common is a rubber-fabric conveyor belt, manufactured in accordance with GOST 20-85 and 20-2018. You can buy it at USA LLC.

Conveyor belt equipment

The most common is rubber-fabric conveyor belt, manufactured according to GOST 20-85 and 20-2018. You can buy it in the company LLC "USA". In addition to traditional rubber products, a wide range of products for specific purposes is available. It is distinguished by increased resistance to low and high temperatures, ignition, oil products and other aggressive factors. For the food and wood processing industry, PVC tape is offered, which has a variety of working surfaces.

Varieties of tapes by type of equipment

Regular conveyor belt with a smooth surface is available 90-105 m long. It is sold in bays. Taking into account the request of customers, it is cut to the required dimensions in the warehouse. Ribbons for specific purposes are equipped with additional elements.

With increased lateral stiffness

Products of this type are distinguished by the presence of a particularly strong frame made of monofilament and steel cables. The elements increase the transverse rigidity as well as the longitudinal elasticity of the strip. Having them provides the following benefits:

  • The edges of the conveyor strip do not tend to bend, "leave" from under the roller mechanism.
  • Belt baffles do not engage with idlers mounted on another conveyor run. Better band support is created on the working mechanism.
  • Due to the strong frame, the wear of additional working elements is reduced. These include corrugated boards, partitions, which are sometimes called blades.

The following types of conveyor strips are distinguished by the type of frame:

  1. Fabric-backed. Conveyor strips are designed for light to medium duty applications. The inner linings are made of highly cross-stabilized fabric. The following types of rubber are used for the outer layers: abrasion-resistant, high-strength, oil-resistant, heat-resistant, flame-retardant, anti-static.
  2. Combined with fabric and cable carcass. This technical product has a similar internal fabric lining, but it is complemented by 1 or 2 webs of transversely oriented cables. The additional frame forms a reinforcing metal cord. The tape is used on conveyors, where large lumpy goods with sharp edges are transported, capable of puncturing the web.
  3. With a cable carcass. This type of belt has an internal lining made of metal cables laid transversely and longitudinally. The technical product is not prone to elongation, it is used to deliver goods to a greater height.

Conveyor belts are being equipped with corrugated boards and pocket partitions.

With corrugated sides

Corrugated board is an additional element of the working strip in the form of a corrugated side wall. The board height varies from 40 to 600 mm. It is produced from molded rubber, which has high elasticity and strength. For sides with a height of 80 mm or more, reinforcement with a fabric frame is used. Corrugated board up to 140 mm high is fastened to the main strip by cold vulcanization. A board with a height of more than 140 mm is fixed to the tape by hot vulcanization.

With dividers

A conveyor belt equipped with paddles forms pockets on the working surface. They are convenient for lifting loads even at an angle of 90о. The height of partitions from 40 to 280 mm is most in demand. The higher the blades, the larger diameter drums should be installed in the conveyor.

Partitions up to 140 mm high are attached to the conveyor strip using cold vulcanization technology. Clamps with a height of more than 140 mm are reinforced with a fabric frame, fixed by hot vulcanization. Self-tapping screws can be used additionally. All types of rubber vanes are most often made from SBR or NBR blends.

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