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Choice of metal shelving


Mebel Front offers a wide range of shelving models, depending on the configuration and technical characteristics

Choice of metal shelving

The organization of a document storage system requires the use of high-quality modern equipment. Often used archival metal shelving, characterized by high performance, reliability and durability and indicators of strength. Let's take a closer look at the features of their choice.

Metal document racks: a choice of models

Considering the main advantages of such racks, it should be noted, first of all, ease of maintenance, compactness, long service life, ease of use. Due to their compact size, metal racks do not take up much space and do not clutter up space. Finding items on the shelves is pretty easy and fast. After all, everything that is available here is in visual accessibility. The collapsible design is one of the main advantages of such racks. You can easily take them apart to move to another place. And after that, it's just as easy to put it back together.

Archive shelving options

Front Furniture offers a wide range of shelving models, depending on the configuration and technical characteristics. Models of archival racks MS Standart, Strong, Hard, Titanium and others are available for order. These are reliable and durable metal structures that are very popular in various manufacturing and industrial enterprises.

Main technical characteristics of the models:

  • Dimensions.
  • Maximum load per shelf.
  • Number of shelves.

Depending on the above criteria, you can choose racks made of durable metal for long-term operation.

The company's specialists offer racks at manufacturers' prices. It is possible to order the production of models of racks of non-standard sizes. Due to the presence of products in stock, delivery times are no more than 1 day. All products have a manufacturer's warranty. To get acquainted with the choice of models of racks, you can refer to the company's website. Beforehand, you can get advice on the choice of types of racks.

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