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Expansion of the plant range Module

Expansion of the plant range Module

The high quality of the manufactured products influenced the popularity of the plant. The products are popular not only with the end user, but also with construction contractors. This fact allowed the Modul plant to continue to develop and launch a new product line, fence mesh sectional. Unlike the profile, the mesh does not restrict the space from the penetration of natural light. Making the fenced area open to human sight.

Product range

To satisfy the demand for sectional mesh fencing for a wide range of consumers, the plant produces several sizes at once. It is based on a strong steel bar, additionally coated with zinc to protect against negative operating factors. And the main dimensions in height, produced for sale, are:

  • section 1260 mm;
  • span 1500 mm;
  • mesh 1700 mm;
  • standard 2000 mm;
  • enlarged 2400 mm.

Regardless of the height and width of the section, a round type of rod with a thickness of 2-6 mm is used at the base. Finished products can be not only galvanized, but additionally painted in a neutral green color. It is best combined with the green color of the lawn or vegetable ornamental plantings.

Reliability during operation

The plant carried out several different strength tests before launching new products into mass production. Without such tests, it is impossible to guarantee the consumer the operational properties of the fence, designed to restrict the access of unauthorized persons. The main characteristics are:

  1. The warranty period of operation, with the most negative factors, is 10 years.
  2. When assembled, the section can withstand a significant load.
  3. The coating is not damaged due to temperature changes and exposure to sunlight.
  4. Safe for people and animals, as it does not have sharp corners.

The main category of buyers for the plant Module allocates car parking, fences for administrative buildings, restricting access to landscape parks. The sections can and should be used for fencing private areas, while maintaining an excellent view.

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