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Varieties of block-modular boiler rooms

Varieties of block-modular boiler rooms

BMK is an automated boiler plant, which is equipped with all the necessary engineering systems and equipment for smooth operation. By the type of installation, boiler rooms are classified into:

  • stationary, installed on the foundation;

  • mobile, chassis-mounted.

By the principle of operation, boiler rooms are divided into:

  • producing steam;

  • hot water dispensers;

  • heating the coolant.

BMK is made of an all-metal body with insulation and fireproof coating. Since such an object is fully automated, it does not require the presence of a special worker.

You can order the manufacture of a modular boiler house on the website https://ooopkt.ru at manufacturer's price.

The BMK plant is equipped with a multi-level security system that is capable of shutting off the gas supply in the event of a leak, and also notifying about the deviation of indicators from the set values.

Design Features

The stationary installation of a modular boiler house is carried out on a specially prepared foundation. Its characteristics depend on the expected load and the characteristics of the soil. BMK must be equipped with a window and a door.

Mobile models of low power are transported without the participation of loading equipment, since the boiler room is installed on a chassis and moves like a trailer.

The entire complex of equipment and engineering systems is installed at the plant and complies with Rostechnadzor regulations. All BMKs are certified and a permit for commissioning is issued at the stage of assembly.

Standard equipment includes:

  • modular building (2 or more blocks);

  • boiler equipment;

  • fuel lines;

  • water treatment equipment;

  • burners;

  • network pumps;

  • ventilation and heating systems;

  • electricity and raw water meters;

  • alarms for security systems.

The complete set of BMK can be supplemented:

  • emergency fuel supply;

  • chimneys and chimneys (must be made of stainless steel and covered with thermal insulation);

  • diesel generators, which are activated in the event of a power outage and provide temporary operation of the boiler room.

Additional systems will increase the cost of the boiler room.

Varieties of BMK installations

There are many types of boiler plants. The classifications differ according to the fuel used and the place of installation.

Natural and liquefied gas, oil, fuel oil, as well as hard rocks such as coal, peat, sawdust or firewood are used as fuel for BMK installations. For electric boilers, fuel is not needed, and the combined type involves the use of several types at once.

Advantages of BMK

  • Saving money on design work.

  • Convenient control.

  • Easy to install and operate.

  • Security and reliability.

  • Versatility.

The boiler room is capable of operating even in hazardous weather conditions, and the manufacturer guarantees the reliability of the structure.

It can be used to provide various industrial enterprises, residential buildings (multi-apartment and private). One high-power unit is enough to heat a village, school, hospital or kindergarten. This is an economically profitable solution, the correctness of which can be verified already in the first year of operation of the boiler house. Costs will be reduced by 50% compared to district heating.

Due to the fact that manufacturers offer a large number of models, choosing the necessary BMK for any requirements and operating conditions will not be difficult.

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