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Organization of production in factories in China


A successful marketing move, organization of Internet approaches, advertising, replenishment of the client base is the key to success in business development.

Organization of production in factories in China

The mass production of Chinese goods does not stand still, everyone, having even a minimal start-up capital, will be able to try himself in the sale and purchase of small, medium and large goods. Such goods are available in every home, enterprise, office: from office paper to working machines, cars. The Chinese market is so large that anyone can cooperate with it, the scheme for reselling goods from China has been established for years, and beginners do not need to have huge capital for the first step to success.

Doing business with China

To start organizing a business, you should know some aspects of its existence, promotion, specifications:

1. Correct choice of model. There are a number of ways to trade with a country:

• Dropshipping is an intermediary stage of work with a product, when a product is searched for at the customer's choice without purchasing it, after which there is a surcharge for their services, and the product comes directly to the customer. Plus - the difference between the actual price of the product and the selling price for the client.

• Opt. Search for wholesale buyers on a large-scale resale scheme.

• Online, offline retail. Creation of an online store, a live store by purchasing goods at low prices and selling.

• Joint business. Purchase of goods in bulk by a group of persons for further sale. The goal is to reduce the cost of delivery, make money on resale.

2. Definition of resources. It also has its own nuances: time, money, information channel, knowledge of how to use and order a quality product at the lowest price, experience.

3. Find your cell in the turnover. Here it is necessary to correctly approach the possibilities, desires, availability of analogues of this type of product. Attention should be paid to the goods in greatest demand.

4. Search for a trusted supplier. Many companies have already had a confirmed legal and physical address, status (one of the best - Gold Supplier) for years.

5. Calculate the profitability of a future business idea correctly.

6. Study of the terms of delivery of goods.

7. Searching for buyers, creating a sales market, getting started. Here you can start with online advertising, building an online store, etc.

8. The process of the first trial purchase of a product, its promotion on the market, testing.

9. Starting a business.

Popular products from China

Requests and availability of goods on the Internet, on store shelves changes almost every week, but there is a list of popular ideas for purchasing goods from China:

1. Small wholesale, the margin for which may exceed 300%: disposable dishes, inventory, cleaning products, laundry, clotheslines. Such an everyday life is always in demand.

2. Clothing. This category is in demand by everyone and always, if you are satisfied with the cost and quality.

3. Shoes.

4. Accessories for phones, computers, tablets, technology. If you take up small parts, you can get a good business with China.

5. Mobile devices (tablets, phones, smart watches, headphones, etc.). The list is huge, the wholesale is small, the prices are always pleasing, the quality has recently been the same.

6. Food products with a long shelf life are always a unique type of business, when the purchase price is 3-4 times less than the market price, and the quality is identical.

7. Car accessories.

8. Furniture accessories.

9. Household appliances.

10. Special equipment. This type of sale involves a considerable investment of finance for the start (cars, cranes, trailers, etc.)

What to do if there is no initial capital

According to experts, in the field of working with clients, the best way to make money without investing in a business is to resell a product. This does not only apply to things from China. In this line of work, the main thing is to find a buyer, a manufacturer who will be able to deliver products on favorable terms.

Dropshipping is one of the most popular methods to raise financial capital without investment, making money on the resale of small, medium-sized goods by price type. You should not focus on goods of too cheap level, there is a chance to get low-quality products, while losing wholesale buyers.

Tips for beginners

The main problem in doing business with China is that those who do not know the nuances and details will always miss out on their profits.

There are several rules for a successful start and for securing a niche in the career ladder:

• It is always worth checking your suppliers before you start working with them for a long time.

• Teaching, courses, business trainings are the main keys to the success of aspiring businessmen.

• Customer care above all else, the buyer must know that he is in good hands, the goods will be delivered on time and of proper quality.

• You need to look for reliable Chinese companies, learn to bargain with them, show who is in charge, while discarding the embarrassment, eventually getting a lucrative contract.

• Conclusion of only formal agreements.

• You should start work with a product that

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