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Manufacturing and installation of KNS to order

Manufacturing and installation of KNS to order

A prerequisite for a comfortable and sanitary living requirement is to provide residents of a certain area, territory or array with a sewerage system. It must perform the functions of diverting waste household, industrial, melt or storm water to the place of their treatment. The special conditions of the terrain do not always make it possible to equip a highway along which effluents are directed by gravity due to the creation of an angle of inclination in the pipeline. In these cases, pumping is carried out using a sewage pumping station. Design KNS cost depends on the following parameters:

  • Type of station and type of pumping equipment used.
  • Volumes of pumped wastewater and their specifics (density, type of waste).
  • Features and specifics of the installation site.

In any case, such a system requires preliminary calculations, analysis of available data and preparation of project documentation. The project is being studied and approved by the municipal authorities, as well as control state structures for the compliance of the future plant with general and environmental safety standards.

VodTechEngineering services

For the most part, sewage pumping stations are unique projects. You can order manufacturing, installation and commissioning with further maintenance at the VodTechEngineering company, which provides this type of service:

  • On an official contractual basis.
  • With a preliminary study of the conditions and preparation of all necessary documentation.
  • With approval (correction of identified deficiencies) in municipal and state structures.
  • With the selection of the necessary certified equipment and components.
  • With the manufacture (layout) of the main components and assemblies of the KNS at its production facilities.

Delivery, installation of equipment and components into a single system on site is carried out by a team of qualified installers. The whole complex of works is carried out within the terms strictly established by the contract.

You can get more complete information about the possibility of ordering the manufacture of a sewage pumping station project using the company's official website VodTechEngineering. For a preliminary consultation on the main page of the resource, the phone numbers of the technical managers of the enterprise are presented. Specialists will answer all your questions and help with the application.

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