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Control valves

Control valves

It is almost impossible to imagine a pipeline without additional elements. High-quality control valves from the manufacturer allows you to expand the capabilities of the pipeline. To make it safer and more reliable in transporting liquids and various gases. The main thing is to correctly select all the elements so that they fit each other in terms of technical and operational characteristics.

What is included in the regulatory category

In simple terms, any element that can affect a change in the pipe section belongs to the category of control valves. Mechanisms are necessary in order to reduce and increase the flow of a passed liquid or gas. Shut off the circuit completely to repair or avoid an emergency. The main elements should include:

  1. Mechanism for partially or completely blocking the pipeline.
  2. A valve that opens or closes at a certain pressure.
  3. Fine flow control within specified limits.
  4. Combined systems capable of performing several actions at once.

Quality shut-off valves remain operational with significant internal pressure in the circuit. When external factors of humidity change. Temperature differences should also not be the reason for the failure of the mechanism for shutting off the flow of liquid or gas.

Technical features of quality products

Responsible manufacturers use only proven raw materials for valves and strictly adhere to the manufacturing process. Additional quality control only certifies that the product during the assembly process did not receive hidden damage. Other components also affect the quality:

  • a metal or alloy capable of resisting corrosion;
  • a type of shut-off valves competently calculated by an engineer;
  • using only high-quality sealing materials;
  • minimum tolerances to avoid leakage of gas or liquid;
  • Possibility of maintenance during operation.

Important: emergency control valves should be singled out as a separate category. It has improved operational and technical characteristics. It is used only in case of failure of the main components, or for the time necessary for carrying out scheduled repairs. It is used in places with a potentially high load on the pipe circuit or bypassing some pumps, mechanisms.

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