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Sewer station for a private house

Sewer station for a private house

It is not always possible to connect a private house to a city sewer. A standard pit latrine is not always the best solution for many reasons. If you buy a sewage pumping station on the website crystal-company.ru, correctly install it, the house will receive a completely working sewage system, not limited in performance. In addition, the station will allow forced pumping of wastewater into the collector, if it is located at a certain distance from the site.

The main purpose of the sewerage station

Site configuration, construction features and other variables do not always allow for direct effluent to be directed to a sewer or purpose-built septic tank. In this case, a special pump comes to the aid of the owner. He is able to pump contaminated water, including feces and crushed biological mass over a certain distance. The need for a pump arises for the following reasons:

  1. Pump wastewater up to 100 meters (sometimes more).
  2. Compensate for the natural elevation of the site from 5 to 15 meters.
  3. Do not bury the septic tank to a great depth.
  4. Construct a dirty water tank on the outskirts of the lot.
  5. Use the container for the drain for its entire volume.

The last point is especially important. Since the laying of sewers in the classical way requires a certain slope of the pipes. This means that the septic tank cannot be filled completely, but only a certain volume. The pumping station fully compensates for this shortcoming.

Minimizing the cost of specialists

Laying a full-fledged sewer to the city sewer can cost a huge amount of money. This is not always beneficial to the owner of the site and a private house. But, it is enough to buy suitable equipment so that it can transport sewage on its own, under pressure, even with compensation of a certain height. The principle of operation of the equipment is as follows:

  • a special container receives wastewater from the entire house;
  • as it fills up, the pump automatically starts working;
  • the accumulated reserve is pumped through the sewer pipes to the collector;
  • pumping equipment does not work if the storage tank is not filled enough;
  • allows you to significantly save electrical energy.

As practice has shown, this solution is suitable for almost any urban and suburban real estate. The main thing is to initially choose the right equipment that will cope with the load created by users.

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