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Features of reciprocating compressors

Features of reciprocating compressors

The reciprocating compressor device is an important component of most freezer equipment. The electric motor and compressor in such a system are in the same housing. Cooling is carried out thanks to refrigerant vapor.

Categories, advantages of reciprocating compressors, features of their operation

Before purchasing a piston compressor device, it is recommended to learn the main features of the mechanism. The compressor device for two pistons has a cast iron body, and inside it are a crankcase and a cylinder. The first covers the crankshaft. The main journals are placed in bearings. To prevent leakage of the refrigerant, there is an oil seal on the neck. A flywheel is located on the neck of the shaft. Torsion is carried out through a belt drive from an electric motor. Oil for lubricating parts is poured into the lower part of the crankcase.

Reciprocating compressor is divided into the following categories:

  1. One type is simple action devices. Inside them, steam is compressed only from one side of the piston. The connecting rod, coupled to the crankshaft, connects the piston to the movement.
  2. Another view is the double-acting compressor. There are exactly the same two pistons. The system compresses the steam on both sides of the piston so that the pairs are compressed twice in one revolution of the crankshaft. The crankcase in this equipment is divorced from freon.

The main advantages of the indicated equipment:

  • use period increases;
  • used in critical cases;
  • easy to maintain, repair, put into operation;
  • small degree of noise and vibration;
  • small sizes;
  • Productivity that increases.

The performance of a piston compressor device depends on:

  • number and arrangement of cylinders;
  • Valve modifications;
  • crankshaft categories;
  • cylinder parameters;
  • speed and duration of the piston stroke;
  • lubrication and other factors.

In the specialized market, devices with different power ratings are offered. There are compressors with high, medium and low pressure. Such units are used in various segments of modern industry, in particular in the chemical and food industries, oil processing. In commerce, these units help maintain the necessary temperature indicators in order to properly preserve products that can quickly deteriorate. Today you can buy compressors of different brands.

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