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How to avoid a plumber quack?!

How to avoid a plumber quack?!

Living in a big city like Kyiv brings many benefits. When there is a sudden need to use the services or advice of a professional, we have a huge choice, both companies and individuals. Especially when we are looking for a plumber or a specialist who is ready to perform installation of plumbing or heating installation.

Unfortunately, on the other hand, we we do not always know how to find a specialist who will meet our expectations and help in solving such a problem as repairing a clogged sink or installing an installation. One of the best and easiest ways is to use the internet. But what to pay attention to, you ask?


Tools - a plumber who comes with a tiny suitcase that does not have power tools, tongs or sewer cleaning will not be able to do most of the the services we expect from him. The basis is the equipment, even a simple replacement of the battery without a special tubular wrench can result in damage to the hoses under the battery, which can cut its life in half, in which case the manufacturer does not recognize the warranty.


Image - if someone has no reason why they do not show their image, but hide behind the faces of photos from the Internet - in my opinion, this means that they are ashamed of what they do or the services they provide, not up to the mark. Of course, you should not use portals that bring together professionals. I'm talking about popular classifieds sites. A good professional does not need to pay for advertising in such places, because he has works commissioned by either regular customers or new ones who are guided by business cards in Google and opinions.

A true professional can see photos of many on social networks works, as well as meet comments and positive feedback.


Knowledge and learning are above all. The paper itself does not solve the problem, although it is very important. You probably know very well that in every profession there are people who approach their work with passion and dedication, and people who just want to make a living. Therefore, when choosing a plumber, choose a person who has the appropriate knowledge.


Reliability in work and approach to the client. An honest professional values ​​their work and sticks to a set budget. You shouldn't be surprised by the unexpected costs of a repair or installation. The work must be done accurately and within the agreed time.

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