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Benefits of cast marble bathtubs


When arranging the bathroom, much attention is paid to the bowl for receiving water procedures. Plumbing must harmoniously combine design and operational properties in order to provide a complete physical and emotional rest. Today, there are many natural and artificial materials suitable for the production of bowls. Along with common models, there are innovative products that have no analogues. For example, an online store of cast marble bathtubs implements a special product format, recently that entered the sanitary equipment market.

The concept

Cast marble is a synthetic stone made from marble chips bonded with polymer resins. The viscous mixture is polymerized by means of the hardener included in the composition. The hue depends on the color of the added dye.

In liquid form, an artificial stone is poured into a special form. After hardening, the workpiece is removed, processed by grinding and polishing.

The composition of the material includes marble chips in an amount of about 95% and polyester resin (5%). However, this ratio increases the cost of production, which reduces profitability. In this regard, the concentration of substances has changed in the following direction:

  • marble chips - 20%;

  • resin - 80%.

Such a product is more plastic, but visually does not differ in appearance and performance from the original version.


Artificial stone based on marble chips has the following strengths:

  1. Good sound insulation. The effect is achieved by high density and impressive weight.

  2. Stability. The bathtub does not need additional fastening to the wall or floor.

  3. Slow cooling. Unlike natural stone, artificial stone belongs to the category of warm materials, therefore it retains the heat of heated water. Suitable for people who value long bath procedures.

  4. Strength. Withstands mechanical damage. The bottom does not deform under load.

  5. Color retention. The saturation of colors is maintained throughout the entire period of operation.

  6. A variety of shapes and sizes. Thanks to injection molding technology, it is possible to produce non-trivial design models.

Among the shortcomings, the high price and complexity of transportation are highlighted. Due to the heavy weight, it is difficult to raise the bowl to the floor.


Composite bathtubs are classified into several categories:

  1. Form. In addition to the classic rectangular and oval models, there are round, square, triangular (corner), asymmetric.

  2. Mounting method. Wall-mounted, free-standing, built-in.

  3. Additional options. The most common option is with hydromassage.

Color is considered a separate category. White is considered basic. Universal option suitable for any interior. Color models are mostly made to order. The shade is selected for interior items, the rest of the plumbing, wall or floor covering. It is determined by the stylistic concept of the room.


Cast marble is a capricious material that requires special care:

  1. Avoid falling heavy objects. Despite the increased strength, aggressive mechanical impact negatively affects the integrity of the bowl. The surface is covered with chips, cracks, which not only spoil the decorative look. Damaged fragments absorb dyes. The moment is especially important for white baths.

  2. Use mild detergents. Cleaning is carried out with a soft cloth with preparations that do not include abrasives. This also applies to hard brushes, metal sponges. The rough structure of the raw material violates the integrity of the finishing layer, leaving scratches at the same time.

  3. Do not use vinegar, chlorine-containing cleaners. Aggressive chemistry destroys the structure of the material. Contaminants are well removed with gentle substances without dyes.

  4. Exclude powder preparations. Finely dispersed components form abrasions on the surface.

  5. Do not use preparations containing concentrated acids. Such chemistry is mainly used in pipe cleaners. If it is necessary to pour liquid into the drain hole, be careful not to drip onto the marble. In case of contact with the solution, it is necessary to immediately wipe the surface with a clean cloth.

To maintain a decorative look, it is recommended to use professional cleaners

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