Sunflower herbicides

Сельское хозяйство

An overview of Syngenta's highly effective herbicides for protecting sunflower from pests is presented on our website.

Sunflower herbicides

One of the features of sunflower is slow seed germination. As a result, this crop is more susceptible to weed overgrowth than others. Harvest damage from phytosanitary problems in sunflower can reach up to 100%. Weeds pose the greatest danger in the early stages of the growing season, when a rudimentary basket is formed. It is important to prevent the development of weeds during the first 40 days.

Treatment with selective phytotoxic preparations can solve the problem radically and provide optimal conditions for the cultivation of oilseeds. Syngenta has developed and produces super-effective sunflower herbicides. Their use guarantees high cleanliness of the land from weeds, obtaining a consistently high yield.

New herbicide LISTEGO® Pro

The drug provides comprehensive protection of sunflower hybrids from most types of dangerous weeds, including broomrape races. A key element of the Clearfield® Plus intensive oilseed technology. Simultaneously destroys dicotyledonous and cereal weeds. Does not significantly affect the crop rotation scheme.

LISTEGO® Pro is produced in the form of an aqueous solution. Supplied in a 10 liter plastic container. Spray crops in the phase of 2-3 leaves with a working solution prepared at the rate of 0.8-1.0 liters of the drug per 200-300 liters of water. Other Syngenta® agrochemicals can be added to the tank mix if the regulations allow it.


Broad spectrum systemic herbicide for sunflower controls most dangerous weeds, including all races of broomrape. Used in the intensive Clearfield® Plus technology developed for the important oilseed crop. The agrochemical is safe for the following crops in the rotation scheme. Can be applied in a wide condition window.

KAMARO® is produced in the form of a water-soluble concentrate. Produced in a plastic 5-liter container. Spray plants in the phase of 2-3 leaves with a working solution prepared at the rate of 0.4-0.6 liters of the drug per 200-300 liters of water. Other agrochemicals ТМ Syngenta® can be added to the tank solution (according to the application regulations).


A super-efficient phytotoxic drug of continuous action is indispensable in the process of preparing the soil before sowing sunflower. Destroys all dangerous types of weeds, including broomrape races. Spraying of germinated and vegetative weeds is carried out before autumn plowing. It is characterized by high bioavailability. Does not affect the crop rotation scheme.

The herbicide URAGAN® FORTE is produced in the form of an aqueous solution. Supplied in 20 liter plastic cans. Spraying is carried out with a working solution prepared in the ratio: 1.5-5.0 liters of agrochemical per 100-200 liters of water. Other plant protection products TM Syngenta® that are compatible according to the application regulations can be added to the solution.

Cropwise Platform® Operations

One of the new products developed by Syngenta specialists is the Cropwise® Operations digital platform. Designed to facilitate the conduct of agribusiness by large-scale producers. The information platform helps to track the progress of agrotechnical field work in real time, control the distribution of resources.

With Cropwise® Operations mobile apps, you can get satellite imagery of fields. Based on them, it is convenient to analyze the state of crops, plan work, predict the harvest, track the dynamics of field work. The weather service will provide accurate data on precipitation, humidity and air temperature. It will help to form the optimal window for the use of plant protection products in a particular farm.

Product quality, counterfeit problem

Due to the increased popularity of Syngenta® plant protection products, there are many counterfeit products in this segment of the agrochemicals market. Counterfeit products imitate original ones, which harms not only Syngenta, but also agricultural producers who purchase and use agricultural chemicals with dubious properties.

The Syngenta company systematically fights against this negative phenomenon. In particular, specially made containers with several degrees of protection are used for PPP packaging. You can reliably protect yourself from counterfeit products if you buy plant protection products only from the official distributor of Syngenta. At the same time, the agricultural producer will receive additional benefits.

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