Scope of wood shredders

Сельское хозяйство

Chips are also in demand in the city to improve the aesthetic appearance of flower beds, a piece of land around a tree.

Scope of wood shredders

In the process of wood processing, any manufacturing enterprise collects a lot of waste. Some of them can be burned in solid fuel boilers to produce heat for their own needs. Professional spb wood chipper expands the possibilities for using unclaimed branches, trunk trimmings and even shrubs . And the chips themselves can be used in dozens of areas of human life.

The main difference between wood chips

There is no official gradation, there is only a conditional gradation that can be followed when classifying. As a rule, sawdust has the smallest particle, shavings are slightly larger, and wood chips are weighty pieces of wood. For conditional classification, you can use the following gradation of wood waste, accepted by many people:

  1. Sawdust, the maximum size of each particle does not exceed 2 mm.
  2. Swarf, has a length of 20-30 millimeters and a thickness of not more than 1 tenth of a centimeter.
  3. The chips have a significant thickness, up to 1 cm, and a length of several centimeters.
  4. Anything that exceeds these dimensions can be classified as firewood.

Special crushing mechanisms take wood waste and crush it to a certain size. As a rule, the size of grinding is not regulated, and is structurally incorporated by the manufacturer. Sufficiently powerful units are capable of processing a very large number of branches in one hour.

Where equipment is used in practice

There are two types of chopper drive. The electric motor provides a greater economic advantage, but minimal mobility. The presence of a diesel or gasoline engine as a drive expands the scope, but requires additional costs for fuel and maintenance. The main areas of application should be highlighted:

  • Farms for shredding vegetation on the plot.
  • Production of furniture, boards or any other saw products.
  • Utility, for clearing city streets.
  • Stationary in parks, zoos and other urban infrastructure.
  • For commercial purposes, for the production of wood chips for sale.

In the latter case, wood chips are in demand on plots of land, as a decorative material to protect the land from leaching and retain moisture in the soil. Wood chips are also in demand in the city to improve the aesthetic appearance of flower beds, a piece of land around a tree. Quality chip cutter price which depends on the performance of the machine will be reliable equipment. Virtually maintenance free and very easy to repair.

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