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What are fish protection devices

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Juveniles of fish, arthropods, molluscs and algae spores are among the most unprotected category of inhabitants of rivers and a wide variety of water bodies.

What are fish protection devices

Young fish, arthropods, molluscs and algae spores belong to the most unprotected category of inhabitants of rivers and various types of water bodies. Predatory individuals simply eat them at all stages of maturation. Nature independently resolved this problem and arranged quiet backwaters and shallow waters for spawning, as well as further safe growth, usually located along the coastal edge. Intensive human activity has made adjustments to the ecosystem in this matter. The water intake stations used for irrigation of fertile lands mercilessly "pump out" all kinds of fry from water bodies, including laid eggs and algal spores. It is to prevent this problem that fish protection device was developed and applied without fail an umbrella-type nozzle for the intake part, which:

  • Reduces the hydraulic resistance of the suction part of the intake pipe.
  • Eliminates the formation of vertical currents in the section where water is drawn.

Made in the form of a confuser, the upper part of a kind of mechanical barrier has strictly verified dimensional parameters, which are calculated by the formula in accordance with the diameter of the intake pipe. The fish protection device is carried out according to the established parameters of SNiP 02.06.2007 and is designated in engineering and technical reference books as an umbrella-type URZ. It is certified and has a patent, the purchase of which gives the right to carry out production for commercial purposes.

Modern methods of water intakes protection

Despite the effectiveness of the umbrella-type URZ, more modern methods have been developed and successfully applied to exclude fish fry from entering the water intake canals. Among them, in the opinion of environmentalists, fish protection devices , capable of creating in as a barrier:

  • Dielectric fields.
  • Light and noise curtains.
  • Wall of air bubbles.

For customers who are still more interested in the traditional mechanical principle of protection, you can get more complete information about the technical parameters and the possibility of acquiring URZ (TU 3116021-96950580-2011) using the website of the company that manufactures them on an industrial scale. All products of this type without exception are provided with certificates of conformity and a quality guarantee.

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