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Installation of polycarbonate greenhouses

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You can choose options as a standard plan, and with a reinforced frame equipped with a double arc.

Installation of polycarbonate greenhouses

The main feature of a material such as polycarbonate is its lightness, as well as its ability to transmit the sun's rays and retain heat. It is not surprising that it can be used to make greenhouses and greenhouses. This material managed to win the love of gardeners. You can find out where you can order polycarbonate greenhouses 2 meters wide on the website: https://rus-teplici.ru/catalog/teplici-shirina-2-metra/.

Features of polycarbonate greenhouses

Choosing polycarbonate as the main material for the manufacture of greenhouses, you can note the main selection parameters:

  • Shape - arched, teardrop-shaped, straight-walled and others.
  • Series - Harvest, Agrosphere, Kremlin greenhouses and others.
  • Additional materials - galvanized pipes, film greenhouses, reinforced greenhouses.
  • Size - 2x4 m, 4x6 m, etc.
  • Additional functionality - the presence of an opening roof, collapsible structure, etc.

The main advantages of greenhouses of 2 meters can also include compactness, affordability in terms of price range, the ability to install two full rows of beds. Speaking about the main advantages, one can also note resistance to damage, ductility, and long service life. At the same time, the design looks quite attractive. It is resistant to the negative effects of moisture.

Polycarbonate greenhouses from the manufacturer

The site contains a catalog of options available for order. For convenience, all the main parameters and technical characteristics are listed here - height, width, load, number of vents, profile type, screed lines and other criteria. All this will allow you to choose a greenhouse that is most suitable for fulfilling specific goals and objectives.

In the catalog on the Rus-Teplitsy website, you can familiarize yourself with the parameters for choosing greenhouses with a width of 2 meters. There is a choice of greenhouses and longer lengths. You can choose options, both a standard plan and with a reinforced frame equipped with a double arc. Affordable price without extra charges and overpayments. The company's specialists are engaged not only in the manufacture of greenhouses, but also in installation at the facility. Delivery times are 1-2 days. Editing is carried out on the day of receipt.

Contact information:

Company "RUS-Greenhouses " + 7 800 300-64-28

[email protected].

To get acquainted with the terms of cooperation, you can refer to the company's website.

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