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Garden on the windowsill: how to grow greens in the apartment?

Сельское хозяйство
Garden on the windowsill: how to grow greens in the apartment?

Dill and parsley are the undoubted leaders from the “Green Party” on our table. If financial opportunities allow, greens should be in the diet as much as possible. By the way, you can take a loan without overpayments here https://mycredit.ua/ru/uslugi-kreditovaniya/kredit-online-na-kartu/.

In order for a fragrant bed to appear on the balcony or windowsill, it will take one and a half to two months. Therefore, do not waste time, prepare the kidney right now! we will tell you how to do it. Even a schoolboy can handle it.

Features of growing dill

You will need:

  • pot with drainage hole;

  • soil for indoor plants;

  • room temperature water (filtered);

  • phytolamp;

  • seeds.

The variety of dill does not matter - any will sprout. The only difference between them, early varieties grow faster, but the plants are much less lush.

How to care for "urban" dill?

  1. Soak the seeds in room temperature water for a day or two. Change the liquid in the morning and evening, draining the floating seeds - they are not viable. Strain the remaining grains through cheesecloth and dry on a towel.

  2. Pour drainage into the bottom of the two-finger pot. Above is soil. It’s great if, in addition to the purchased one, you also have a garden one from the village, you can mix it.

  3. Sprinkle the ground with water from a spray bottle and make small grooves in the soil. Place the seeds there, sprinkle with earth, moisten a little.

  4. Create a greenhouse effect by covering the pot with a transparent bag.

  5. Illuminate the pot with a special lamp in the evenings. From March to October, this is no longer necessary - there will be enough sunlight.

  6. Water the pot a little every day, so that the soil is constantly slightly moist.

How to grow parsley?

Grow parsley from seeds in the same way as dill. It will be possible to make a salad of fragrant greens two months after planting the seeds. If you want to get a harvest faster, you can buy parsley roots from experienced gardeners.

The roots are planted in a pot to the very top, the kidney is moistened from a sprayer from time to time. If the roots in your house liked it, they will delight you with juicy greens in a week.

Not just fashion grass…

Did you know that parsley is a must for all office workers? Everyone who has to spend 8 hours a day at a computer has probably noticed such unpleasant symptoms as dryness and burning in the eyes, decreased visual acuity. In addition to the well-known carrots, rich in carotene, parsley successfully helps maintain eye health. There are no secret recipes: just add it to all dishes or just eat it with stems.

It will also help in stress, as it has a stabilizing effect on the nervous system.

Luxury beds for you!

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