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At what temperature are polypropylene pipes soldered

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Do not forget to check the tightness of the welded areas before starting to fully use the water supply.

At what temperature are polypropylene pipes soldered

When you turn to drilling specialists, you should know what awaits you. Exploration of the depth of water, if done professionally, will not entail major changes in the landscape. But drilling cannot be done imperceptibly. Usually the scheme is like this:

  • visit of a specialist to the site to determine a specific location, as well as agree on project details;

  • arrival of a brigade with special equipment, sometimes very large-sized;

  • start of work, during which there will be a lot of dirt around;

  • installation of casing strings and installation of pumping equipment, wiring, if included in the contract.

The process of drilling a well itself involves extracting soil. It is pushed outward by the action of water or air (depending on the specific model of equipment) supplied under a strong pressure.

You can order drilling work for water supply through the BSV website https://bsvenergy.uaprom.net/.

Differences between two-string and single-string wells

Please note that a well can have several design options. They are called one-column and two-column or one-pipe and two-pipe. The first option involves lowering the metal casing into a freshly dug adit. After the metal pipe, a smaller-diameter limestone well begins. This significantly reduces the cost of the entire process.

The second method is more difficult. The metal column is spliced ​​with the plastic one, the contact between water and metal is completely excluded. This method is more complicated and more expensive, but the water from such a well will be of much better quality. The fact is that the metal is quite capable of constantly contacting water, however, if the level falls (and fluctuations will happen with enviable regularity), the oxidation process will begin. The casing will rust and could fail in five years.

In addition, a well directly in the rock can always fail. A small landslide is enough for the pump to jam. It will be almost impossible to get it.

Thus, primary savings can lead to drilling a new well and purchasing equipment.

What are the benefits of turnkey drilling

The advantages of turnkey drilling are obvious. If you do everything separately, you will have to look for workers with equipment, study the varieties of pumps and filters, and worry about their compatibility. Turning to professionals, for example, the BSV company, you will be completely relieved of these inconveniences. Specialists:

  • determine the best place to drill;

  • will carry out all the work using their own high quality equipment;

  • will install the most suitable equipment for your needs;

  • will give an official guarantee for the well and the laid utilities.

Since the well is not drilled for a year or two, it is better to immediately invest a large amount in the water supply system than spend money and time on repairs in the future. Poorly executed drilling works only seem cheap. They are guaranteed to cause many inconveniences and problems that will require a lot of money to solve.

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