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Flame Retardant Fabric Welding Suits Myths


Modern models are presented in the product catalog.

Flame Retardant Fabric Welding Suits Myths

The profession of a welder appeared in the 19th century. Throughout history, workers' coveralls have become more and more high-tech: models are improved to provide the best level of protection and comfort. It is quite difficult for the consumer to deal with new materials and innovative properties of products. Due to the lack of data, many are still guided by information that has long lost its relevance. Let's take a look at the main myths about welder suits made of flame retardant fabrics to eliminate common mistakes when choosing.

Myth No. 1. Cloth suits with overlays are the most reliable

Woolen materials are of high density. This is a definite plus if we consider the issue from the point of view of employee protection. Pads made of heat-resistant siliconized fabric, with the help of which improve the operational characteristics of the overalls, increase the level of protection. The downside of such workwear is the complete lack of comfort. Cloth sets are heavy, restrict movement, are poorly breathable and generally not very comfortable. Such suits are difficult to work with and even simple welding operations take a significant amount of time due to restrictions on freedom of action. The fire-resistant cotton fabric, from which the Hercules welding suit and other modern models are made, is much lighter.

Comparison Chart

Fabric name Density (g /m)

Cloth 760

100% cotton 500

The density of cotton fabric is less than 30%, which significantly affects the comfort of wearing. Made from 100% cotton, they are breathable and comfortable to move, while the fire-resistant finish is optimized for a high level of protection.

Myth No. 2. Overalls from any fabrics burn out

This common opinion is associated with the wrong choice of workwear. Before buying a welder's suit, you need to familiarize yourself with the working conditions.

Key points to know:

  1. The melting temperature of the metal depends on the strength of the welding current - the higher, the hotter the scale.
  2. The exposure time of fabric to dross depends on the position of the worker during welding with respect to the dross source. A horizontal position suggests a longer exposure.
  3. The melting temperature of the metal during arc welding is up to 1200 ° С, during gas welding - up to 600 ° С, which must also be taken into account when choosing the protection class of workwear.

Myth number 3. Overalls cannot be washed

This is a misconception. Today you can buy a welder's suit made of fire-resistant fabrics, which, after washing in full, retains its protective properties. Models made of 100% cotton are well cleaned of dirt under high-temperature processing and do not lose strength and color. Moreover, it is recommended to wash a fire-resistant suit of a welder as needed, as contaminated overalls with oily stains are more susceptible to fire and in some cases increases the risk of developing allergic reactions and various diseases due to chemical irritants present on the fabric.

Image-Trust - inexpensive suits for welders from the manufacturer

Modern models are presented in the product catalog. Fire-resistant suit of the welder Mercury, Zeus, Hercules and Mars, made of dense natural cotton, are easily washed and fully retain their protective properties. The protection class is 1-3, which allows you to purchase a kit that meets the operating conditions. The models are made in standard sizes in full compliance with the requirements of GOST. See photos and descriptions of the kits to buy a welder's suit inexpensively with delivery anywhere in the Russian Federation.

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