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Building solutions for prefabricated buildings: metal structures and sandwich panels


Manufacturing of metal structures of any complexity to order. An industrial complex producing modern solutions for prefabricated buildings.

Building solutions for prefabricated buildings: metal structures and sandwich panels

The largest manufacturer of steel structures and sandwich panels in the North-West of Russia - "A GROUP Steel Structures", produces a full range of solutions for prefabricated buildings. The company has a modern production complex with a high level of technical equipment.

The company's capacities allow producing up to 18,000 tons of metal structures and 480,000 square meters of sandwich panels per year. In addition to the production of building materials and products, "A GROUP Steel Structures" also provides metalworking services.

Industrial complex for the production of metal structures

The company produces modern building solutions in the field of prefabricated objects. The plant is equipped with equipment for the production of structures of any complexity.

Main products:

  • metal structures for assembling and erecting objects on a construction site;

  • wall and roof sandwich panels;

  • corrugated beams (light welded structures);

  • welded beams;

  • fittings (skates, plinths, etc.).

Modern metal structures production plant is one of the largest industrial enterprises in the North-West of Russia. Automation (including the use of CNC machines) speeds up production processes and ensures high accuracy of the resulting structures.

From sandwich panels to steel structures and welded beams

The company produces metal structures to order, carrying out cutting and other types of processing for quick and accurate installation of products at the construction site. The products meet high safety and quality standards and are successfully used for the construction of objects of various complexity.

Welded beams and corrugated beams

"A GROUP Steel Structures" manufactures welded beams on automated lines, controlling the quality of the welded seam using ultrasound. The company's capacities allow us to implement non-standard projects and produce products that exactly correspond to the specified parameters.

Corrugated beams are another type of popular product, which is a lightweight and stable metal structure. The use of such products reduces the cost of construction processes, increases the rigidity of structures, and reduces assembly and assembly work.

Sandwich panels

The line includes roofing and wall panels made of expanded polystyrene and mineral wool. These are moisture-resistant, lightweight, easy-to-install materials with good energy-saving properties, used for insulation of walls and roofs of buildings erected using frame technology.

More information about the activities of "A GROUP STEEL CONSTRUCTIONS" can be obtained on the official website, here are the characteristics of the materials produced and examples of implemented projects.

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