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Modern rolled metal in the construction industry


This article will consider several types of rolled metal used in construction. And also recommendations are given for checking the quality and the place of purchase.

Modern rolled metal in the construction industry

Today, almost no construction industry can do without the use of rolled metal and metal products. The main goal is to increase the strength of the structures being erected. Therefore, if you are planning a large construction, you should think about purchasing metal rolling at retail .

Construction metal forks

Metal products used in the construction of buildings and other structures are represented by several types of rolled products, which we will consider in more detail below.


This type of rolled metal is the first that comes to mind when it comes to construction. It is due to the reinforcement, which prevents the concrete from cracking, that the foundation of most buildings is being erected. The reinforcement consists of metal rods, which are connected during construction into a special durable frame.

There are 2 types of fittings:

  • hot rolled (divided into periodic and smooth bars);
  • cold rolled or wire rod.


Beams are most commonly used to reinforce bridges, transmission line supports, and overhead tracks. Also, a separate type of beams - an I-beam is used to connect floors with the columns of a building.

Channel bars

The product looks like a letter "P" and consists of a wall and two shelves. This design allows the channel to withstand high loads.

Channel is used for the following works:

  • strengthening door or window openings;
  • erection of roof slabs;
  • intermediate floor;
  • construction of the building frame.


Widely used as a fastener. Various types of nets are also made from wire. For example, a reinforcing mesh is used to strengthen reinforced concrete structures, and a welded mesh is used for brick structures.

How to determine the quality of rolled metal

In order not to accidentally purchase a defective product, it is strongly recommended to check the presence of all quality certificates. Also, sometimes a simple visual inspection is sufficient. But it also happens that damage can be missed with the naked eye, so if you don't want to risk it, it is better to turn to special metallurgists and metrologists.

Where to buy rolled metal

I would like to recommend the SLAVSTAL store for the purchase of construction products. The company also has its own website where you can find out, for example, prices for steel reinforcement and other rolled metal products. Among other things, all products have the necessary certificates that comply with GOSTs. There are additional services such as cutting, loading, etc.

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