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Profile pipes in construction: a variety of choices


In construction of any scale, metal structures are often and successfully used. They include shaped pipes as supporting elements.

Profile pipes in construction: a variety of choices

Metal structures and metal frames are extremely convenient and reliable structures that underlie the subsequent construction of buildings of any scale. The assembly of metal structures from parts prepared in advance at the factory is straightforward. As structural elements (posts and lintels), metal shaped tubes of square or rectangular cross-section are used.

What is a shaped tube

A profile pipe is a pipe that has a cross-section that differs from the usual circle. By the type of section of the pipe there are:

  • square - very common;
  • rectangular;
  • oval - less common than the first two.

 Profile pipe of square section , as well as rectangular, has advantageous differences from round in terms of resistance to most types of loads. If this type of profile is used, it is easier and simpler to make a reliable connection. And it doesn't matter how exactly the posts, posts or lintels are connected - with bolts, rivets or welding. The profiled pipe has stiffening ribs, thanks to which, with the same wall thickness and metal grade, it is able to withstand more significant loads compared to a round one.

A square or rectangular cross-section is in great demand due to its many advantages and possibilities, but such a pipe also has one important drawback. Exceeding the maximum permissible loads inevitably leads to the fact that it simply folds up - very quickly. The consequence of this is the complete destruction of the structure. Round racks begin to bend from significant loads, the process takes a lot of time, which makes it possible to detect the problem and take adequate measures before the accident.

Where and how pipes are used

The scope of application of shaped metal pipes is incredibly wide. They are used in construction (including private suburban), in the design and advertising industry, industry, mechanical engineering and agriculture.

From  shaped rectangular pipes  the following elements are assembled:

  • awnings, fences and gazebos in country houses;
  • playgrounds and sports grounds;
  • stairs in country cottages;
  • scaffolding;
  • public transport stops;
  • frames of prefabricated buildings - hangars, pavilions, garages and greenhouses;
  • load-bearing structures of frame houses.

The service life of rolled metal depends on the raw materials used, loads, wall thickness, profile dimensions, operating conditions and ranges from 15 to 80 years. Copper profiles last the longest. A seamless pipe is noticeably stronger than a welded pipe.

Before deciding on the procurement of profiles, it makes sense to familiarize yourself with the entire range of profile products. If necessary, the pipes can be bent, giving them any configuration.

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