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Galvanized screw piles


All products of our company, according to the production technology, are coated with special anti-corrosion compounds.

Galvanized screw piles

Plant "Stroy Piles" is engaged in the implementation of self-made pile structures at low prices. We offer galvanized screw piles - the best option for foundations for areas with difficult terrain and soil composition. We work in St. Petersburg, districts of the Leningrad region.


There are several basic elements in the design of any screw pile: a hollow tube, a sharp steel tip and a helical blade on it. Supports are distinguished by the type of point:

  • With molded tip. The tip is precision cast and welded to the pipe. The method is expensive. The products have increased durability, but are used only for massive buildings.
  • With welded tip. At the end of the pipe, a "crown" is cut out, the petals of which are welded, and a steel blade is attached to it by welding. The strength characteristics are almost as good as cast lugs, but piles are much cheaper, which makes them popular.

The company produces ordinary poles and galvanized ones with an increased level of anti-corrosion protection.

Where are they used?

Thanks to helical blades, steel piles provide a high level of strength to foundations, therefore they are used in construction:

  • private houses, outbuildings, garages;
  • stairs, terraces, verandas, gazebos, greenhouses;
  • berths, marinas, piers;
  • fences, gates, wickets;
  • lighting poles, bridges, hangars, warehouses.

Galvanized screw piles are in special demand ( https://stroy-svai.ru/ceny/vintovye-svai/ocinkovannye/) due to higher corrosion protection.

Galvanizing technology

All products of our company, according to the production technology, are coated with special anti-corrosion compounds. Hot-dip galvanizing is a more costly, but justified method of protection:

  • products are immersed in molten zinc with t 450˚;
  • zinc carbonate forms on the surface of the support, which protects the metal from corrosion;
  • coating thickness is 100-200 microns.

The created coating is sufficiently hard, effectively protects the product during installation and operation.


A pile foundation at low costs (20-50% lower than analogs) can serve up to 100 years, and when using galvanized pillars - 120 and more. Its use is possible on weak, heaving, wet types of soil. Installation is carried out in any weather conditions, takes place in record time (1-3 days), there is no need to wait for the base to shrink.

Here you can buy galvanized screw piles with a high degree of corrosion protection that meet all standards and order their installation service. We are located at: Sofiyskaya, 80. The application can be sent in the feedback form or call 8 (812) 916-67-72.

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