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Lightweight concrete for walls


Lightweight concrete is practically equal in strength to ordinary brick

Lightweight concrete for walls

Modern technologies make it possible to build a private house at a price more affordable than a new apartment. In addition, well-chosen materials solve the issue of insulation. Lightweight concrete occupies a leading position in this niche, for more details see betonkharkov.com.ua/news /legkie-betonyi . For a limited period of time, it allows you to erect the walls of a building that do not require additional insulation. Only decorative finishes.

Feature of lightweight concrete

Depending on the preparation technology, lightness can be given to concrete by one of the fillers or ordinary air. In the second case, foaming takes place on special equipment. Microscopic air bubbles saturate the building mass. The hardened mixture has sufficient strength for the construction of walls of one or two-story buildings. But, the main quality is the ability to retain heat. Concrete aggregates are divided into separate classes:

  1. Slag has been used as a filler for a long time. This type of filler is especially well developed in blast furnaces. Where slag is a natural waste after iron smelting.
  2. Expanded clay has the best heat retention characteristics.
  3. The addition of wood waste to concrete is not very common, but it is also used in lightweight concrete.

Important: the main advantage of lightweight concrete with additives is the ability to erect monolithic walls and floors.

The importance of finishing

All lightweight concrete has pores through which natural ventilation of the walls occurs. But, through these microscopic holes, heat can leak. In addition, outwardly, most lightweight concretes have an unattractive appearance. Finishing can be done both with ordinary plaster and with any other finishing materials.

Any of the materials has sufficient ductility so as not to react negatively to small movements of the foundation. Cracks will not gradually appear on the finished walls that can negatively affect the finish. Lightweight concrete in terms of its strength is almost equal to ordinary brick. But, subject to the construction technology at the stage of construction of walls and foundations.

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