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Power line cable wells


Polymer wells from the ProtectorFlex brand will become reliable protection against water penetration

Power line cable wells

As you know, boxes of high-voltage lines must be placed so that they are maximally protected from the effects of aggressive environmental factors. The ideal solution is the use of special polymer and sealed wells. The ProtectorFlex company is a manufacturer of pipes for laying cables both by air and underground. Also available for order are wells for cable ducts high performance.

Features of operation of cable wells for power lines

Today, traditional reinforced concrete wells have lost their relevance. The disadvantage is that if they are placed below the water table, they will quickly fill with water. Moisture penetration will contribute to cable line disruption.

Polymer wells from the ProtektorFlex brand will become reliable protection against water penetration. They will also be able to secure the cable duct system from aggressive environmental factors. The tightness eliminates the need for pre-pumping water for servicing electrical equipment.

Main features of cable wells:

  • Tightness to prevent water from entering the well.
  • Ability to operate in aggressive environmental conditions.
  • Increased strength indicators.
  • Simplicity, speed and ease of installation and maintenance.
  • Service life not less than 30 years.

As we can see, the advantages of operating cable wells are enough to draw conclusions about the feasibility of their use. With their help, you can lay cables both underground and in a communication shaft.

The main performance characteristics include the presence of a sealed cover, a ladder, a reusable sealed sleeve, etc. The body of the well has a multi-layer structure. At the same time, the inner layer has high wear-resistant characteristics.

To order wells for cable ducts, you can go to the company's website. Here you can familiarize yourself with the scope of delivery, as well as study the terms of the order.

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