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What is reinforced concrete and what are the areas of application


Reinforced concrete products have a fairly wide scope. What is this product, what characteristics does it have.

What is reinforced concrete and what are the areas of application

Reinforced concrete products or simply precast concrete products are prefabricated products that are used to build reinforced concrete structures.

What does it consist of, what is the process of making concrete products

Regarding the manufacturing method, it should be noted that reinforced concrete products are made on the basis of a metal frame (reinforcement) and concrete by pouring the latter material into special molds, where it hardens as a result.

After manufacturing, as a rule, this product is delivered to the construction site, and there it is completed in a reinforced concrete structure.

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In turn, water and cement are the main components of concrete. During production, due to the reaction of the combination of cement dust and water, a durable material is obtained - concrete.

As a metal frame - reinforcement - it is generally customary to use steel bars or several bars connected in a deck.

Benefits of choosing precast concrete

Due to the fact that a reinforced concrete product contains a combination of two incredibly strong materials (rebar and concrete), it has an incredible high strength.

The main advantages of choosing such a product, first of all, include the following points:

  • Resistant to high or very low temperature changes. This fact is due to the fact that among the constituent components of a reinforced concrete product there is no material that is flammable.
  • The ability to withstand any kind of load and physical pressure, because each product, due to its strength, has a high seismic resistance.
  • The durability of all products from which structures are constructed.
  • Ultimately affordable cost of products, which is not so high compared to metal products.
  • When using reinforced concrete products in construction, work on the construction of a particular structure is significantly accelerated.

What concrete concrete examples look like

The use of reinforced concrete products in construction is very comprehensive. For example, reinforced concrete products should include concrete rings of wells, wells, road slabs, blocks, foundation piles, wall details, reinforced concrete floor slabs, piles.

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