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Choose wheels: cast, forged, stamped


What rims to choose - cast, forged or stamped? Consider all the "pros" and "cons".

Choose wheels: cast, forged, stamped

the wheels of the car are an important part of the vehicle. It depends on them safe and comfortable ride. They also can emphasize the design concept of the car. If you want the wheels to properly fulfill its function, it is necessary to carefully approach the selection of CDs.

All of them fall into three categories:


Represent the budget option products. Just put these disks in low-cost machines. They are made of steel and put on their enamel. For aesthetic appearance of them, typically is adorned with decorative caps. Among the advantages of "stamping" can provide maintainability. Even when a mechanical force they will not break but only bent. For this reason, they can align. The disadvantages lie in the considerable weight and simple form without the original design.


Chrome alloy wheels no less common than the previous one. They are made of light metal alloys. This files most often based on aluminum. Thanks to the technological features they can be given any shape. Motorists can purchase a "casting" for every taste.

Main advantages – stylish design and light weight. Because of this alloy chrome wheels so popular. Among the disadvantages are high cost and low maintainability. After collision with any object they crack and can not be reversed. Here, not even welding, as the initial characteristics after such repair will not be saved.

Chrome plating of alloy wheels in Moscow need to be tested services, having considerable experience in the field of maintenance of vehicles and a good reputation.


the Most reliable drives, but also the most expensive. They are made with the help of technology die forging. These products have a special structure of the metal, which gives the opportunity to obtain higher strength with low weight. Minus is the high price. Although everything is relative, because we all have different financial opportunities.

Besides these options it is possible to select drives of prefabricated structures. Only such products are quite exclusive and therefore we will not talk about them. Almost always, the owners are considering a cheap "stamping" with monotonous decoration or stylish expensive "casting".

Today the market of automobile spare parts offers customers a wide selection of CDs, and even an expert often cannot navigate without a catalog. When choosing products, look at their diameter, width and design. But first, find out whether you can put some drives on a specific machine model.

Key features for choosing autodisco:

  • number of mounting holes for bolts or studs;
    • diameter of a circle where there are cuts for the fastener;
      • diameter holes in the center of the disk (refer DIA);
        • departure.

        it is Necessary to take into account that all indicators must satisfy the requirements of the manufacturer. DIA is valid for a small excess of the indicators. In this case, to compensate for the difference of the diameters, you should buy a special ring.

        ET is a departure rim. The smaller this parameter, the greater width will have a road track, because the wheel will extend beyond the borders of the wheel arches. It is permissible to pick up the discs with a negative departure. The departure is one of the most important characteristics. That it affects the stability of the vehicle when driving. It is recommended to deviate from the parameters of the standard departure no more than 3 mm in either direction.

        Now you know what rims are in production now and what to look for when choosing them. Go to this issue responsibly, and the drive will be comfortable and safe.

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