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Designing of fire safety systems is important!


the Installation of modern fire alarm system is only half the story. Although the choice of the manufacturer and the quality of the modules varies a lot, however, more important here is their correct location, choosing the right types of sensors and determination of their optimal number. That is, the design of the system as a whole.

Designing of fire safety systems is important!

What should be the fire security system

Before you begin installation of the selected equipment, should be carefully elaborated the concept of protection from fire. This stage always takes place with the participation of two parties – the representatives of the security agencies and the company that orders the service. Analyzed all possible risks, collected and studied all the information and then the engineers make a detailed terms of reference (TOR) for technicians on complex installation of security system equipment. For example, this approach is practiced at https://bezpeka-ltd.com/ that allows the security company to create a truly effective protection against any kind of fires.

That is the most important rule here is the design and survey work that preceded the installation of the entire system.

In General, this phase consists of the following:

  • definition of fire alarm sensors;
    • the choice of optimal devices for fire fighting;
      • develop equipment for protection against smoke;
        • to develop means of warning and evacuation management.

        More the design of fire safety systems may include technical and economic studies, drawings and diagrams with all the necessary notes and descriptions, estimates and costing. The development of additional modules and protections – for example, the design of protection of material valuables from the effects of lightning. This is true for equipment located on building roofs – hoods, air conditioning systems, elevators, etc.

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