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The Brits are terribly worried about the possible sale Britih Steel Chinese


British prejudices can impede the transaction saving more than 5,000 jobs and a city in the North of England.

The Brits are terribly worried about the possible sale Britih Steel Chinese
Фото: Председатель Jingye Group Ли Ганпо (второй справа) с баронессой Редферн, Эндрю Перси, Ником Дакином и Робом Уолтемом в British Steel в Сканторпе

Chinese industrial giant Jingye became the main contender for the purchase of the second largest British steel company British Steel after last week's troubled history with the bankruptcy and sale of the city-forming enterprise of the town of Scandrop reached the finish line.

the Delegation of Chinese top managers on Thursday last week went to Northern England to negotiate the purchase of the plant for which with varying degrees of success were fighting the Turkish military pension Fund and the British Nouveau riche of Indian origin Sanjeev Gupta.

Local experts and media believe that the Chinese will hog the steel mill, which produces a wide range of quality products, including rails for British Railways, sheet metal for the military industry and the steel channel and beams for steel structures and bridges.

the Interest of the Chinese company welcomed by local MPs and trade Union leaders, who want to preserve 5,000 jobs at the steel plant.

But on Sunday evening from a number of British media have expressed concern at the prospect that the Chinese firm will gain control of an important British asset.

They rightfully believe that the Communist regime of free business just can't be determined.

Chairman Jingye Li Ganpo (Li Ganpo), which is considered one of the richest people in China, and a few of his most closest persons spend in England a series of meetings with members of Parliament and trade unions.

the Chinese Have a win-win position in the negotiations with the trade unions – in contrast to Liberty Steel Sanja Gupta, they are not going to eliminate blast furnace production and go to furnace. Initiative Gupta would lead to mass layoffs and revision of the range. Liberty Steel in plans to turn Teesside into a giant collection point of scrap metal that nobody likes.

At the same time paranoid British experts believe that the sale of British Steel to the Communists could lead to political pressure from Beijing to the UK.

nevertheless, local MPs and trade unions was impressed by the plans Jingye and his enthusiasm for British Steel. Jingye representatives, including Chairman Lee, last week visited the factories of British Steel in Scunthorpe and Teesside. Those who saw and heard the Chinese, in one voice say that Jingye not abandon their plans.

Battle for Teesside could be crucial in the upcoming elections in the UK. Industrial region will again be a key battleground for the major parties seeking to form a government with two seats, in particular the main goals for labour and the tories.

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