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In Eurofer said about the futility of new protective measures on EU steel market

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the European Commission on may 29 adopted a decision on introducing a number of changes to the current system of protective measures concerning import of rolled metal products on the territory of the EU regardless of the country of origin and export.

In Eurofer said about the futility of new protective measures on EU steel market

on Tuesday, the European Union made only minor changes in its measures for the protection of the steel sector, prompting an angry reaction from industry, which called for a reduction in import quotas to prevent a potential influx of imports.

Recall that the European Union was the first to introduce protective measures in the steel market in 2018 in response to Washington's decision to impose its imports were 25% of the fee. These measures were to prevent the diversion of flows of cheap steel on the American market in the EU.

Tuesday in the EU official journal, it was confirmed that the pandemic COVID-19 wreaked havoc on the industry, but says no need for drastic changes in part because the current quotas have not been fully used.

the answer was an angry joint statement by manufacturers and trade unions that have called for an emergency meeting with EU policies.

"This is the worst crisis we've seen in decades, and ... it could jeopardize thousands of jobs," said Luis Colunga, Deputy Secretary General of the trade Union IndustriAll Europe.

"tariff-free import quota was increased. Objectively it doesn't make sense," said Axel Eggert, Director General, European steel Association Eurofer.

the statement said that the demand for steel in the EU in March dropped by about 50%, forcing many producers to shut down temporarily.

According to previously established limits, the quota for 26 grades of steel, including stainless steel, were installed in the average of the actual imports for the years 2015-2017 plus 5%. Imports outside the quota are subject to a 25% duty.

the EU said Tuesday that the quotas will rise for the 12 months from 1 July to 3%, the same as last year. However, the mechanism of transfer of unused amounts from the previous quarter in the future is not yet written. Most likely it will be the same as for the global tariff quotas, that is, access to undrawn amounts of the previous quarter of the country will receive on the 20th working day of the new quarter.

According to the EU statement, as of may 15, around 9 million tonnes or 29% of the quota for the previous 12 months were not used.

In order to prevent the growth of EU imports, said that he goes on a quarter system as compared to the current annual allocation, and imposed some restrictions on certain countries.

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