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Coiled rolled metal with polymer coating

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Coiled rolled metal with polymer coating

Despite the development and implementation of new innovative materials, metal products are still in high demand. And the latest technologies are also being successfully introduced into the metallurgical sphere of production. A striking example is rolled rolled metal supplied to the market of Rusmetprom companies in the widest range. The main advantages of this type of product include:

  • High strength and resistance to external loads.
  • Resistant to corrosion and certain types of active chemicals.
  • Aesthetic appeal and variety of color palette.

It should be noted the durability of the products made from this type of rolled products and the absence of the need to carry out protective treatment of their surface. The guaranteed service life of the polymer coating is tens of years even in harsh climatic conditions.

Manufacturing technology

Rolled metal coated with polymer is manufactured at the leading domestic metallurgical enterprises using proven technologies using high-tech equipment. The manufacturing process consists of several main stages:

  • Hot rolled billets
  • Descaling and cold rolling using a roll system and pressing equipment.
  • Surface galvanizing (the procedure applies to certain brands of rolled products).
  • Degreasing and polymer coating.
  • Coating with a finishing protective layer.

After appropriate drying, the finished product is rolled into rolls and sent to the supplier's metal base, which carries out its final sale to consumers. You can get more complete information and familiarize yourself with the types of coils coated with polymer coating using the online catalog of the Rusmetprom company. All the product names presented on its pages fully correspond to the GOST parameters and are available in the warehouse. For consultation and conclusion of a supply agreement on the resource, the option of contacting the technical manager of the enterprise is provided. Customers can use the delivery service to the specified address and at exactly the appointed time by the company's transport.

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