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High-tech cutting of coiled metal

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High-tech cutting of coiled metal

Unlike preliminary cutting of sheet metal into blanks, processing of rolled assortment requires a lot of energy and working time. High-tech longitudinal cutting of rolled metal into strips (strips of a given width) is performed by Rusmetprom-Metalloobrabotka at order using special equipment and technology worked out to the smallest detail. In practice, the process looks like this:

  • Placing a standard roll on a decoiler.
  • Feeding the sheet to the working table with circular shears.
  • Slitting or dissolving the sheet into strips (strips).
  • Coil each strip into a separate roll.

The procedure is performed taking into account the grade of the processed steel or alloy according to the parameters (strip dimensions) provided by the customer with a guarantee of accuracy.

Cross-cutting of coils

Taking into account the requests of customers, the cut of rolled products by specialists of the company "Rusmetprom-Metalloobrabotka" is also carried out in a transverse format. The process is rather complex and requires a careful approach when drawing up a technological map to exclude defects and maintain the accuracy of the dimensional parameters of the final product:

  • Adjust the unwinding force.
  • The type of disc cutter is selected and its rotation speed is calculated.

Another service that customers can use is the dissolution of rolled metal coated with a polymer or other protective layer into strips. You can get more complete information and order the production of a strip of specified dimensions using the official website of the Rusmetprom-Metalloobrabotka company. The customer can:

  • Provide our own coils for the production of strips.
  • Purchase a ready-made strip available at the company's warehouse.

The manufacturer guarantees exact fulfillment of the order terms and high quality of the produced strips. The price list of the cost of services and finished products is presented on the company's portal. For an individual consultation, the option of contacting a technical manager is provided, who will answer all your questions and help with filling out the application.

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