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Buying concrete in Kharkov

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Buying concrete in Kharkov

It is difficult to imagine carrying out various concrete works without high-quality building materials. Particular attention should be paid to concrete, the choice of which depends on many factors. On request concrete Kharkiv the company "Beton Plus" offers its services. It is a reliable and proven supplier of high performance building materials.

Specifics of concrete selection

When choosing concrete in Kharkov it is very important to focus on its technical characteristics. Based on this, you can purchase options for different areas of production. So, depending on the field of application, commercial concrete M100, M150, M200 are distinguished. So, concrete of the M100 brand is widely used for road and preparatory foundation works. If it is necessary to install a self-leveling floor, concrete M150 or M200 is an excellent solution. In addition, the M200 can be used for walking paths.

Speaking about building concrete, we can mention the brands M250, M300, M350, M400. These brands are widely demanded for monolithic screeds, laying general-purpose structures, erecting load-bearing walls.

The concrete sold by the company fully complies with the established standards. For this, all proportions and technological processes are observed during production. Quality control is carried out at all stages. This allows you to get the final product of high quality and long-term performance. Among them are high strength, frost resistance, the ability to operate in aggressive environments.

Where to order quality concrete?

The Betonplus company specializes in the supply of both commercial and construction concrete in a wide range. Each client, placing an order here, not only saves money, but also time for the delivery of products to any point in Kharkov. For this, the company has its own vehicle fleet with GPS navigators. There is also a logistics service that monitors that all orders are completed on time.

All products are covered by a warranty. When placing an order, cash and non-cash payments are valid. You can order a batch of products at a discount. Therefore, you can place an order for a batch of products on the most favorable terms. It is possible to request a calculation of a batch of concrete. To do this, you must leave a request on the website. Thus, if you need to order a batch of liquid concrete with delivery by a mixer, you can opt for the offers of the Beton Plus company. For more information, please visit the website.

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