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Foundation bolts ordering

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Foundation bolts ordering

Fasteners are widely demanded in various industrial and construction areas. They make it possible to provide a reliable and safe connection not only of metal structures, but also of technical equipment. One of the proven suppliers of fasteners is the Severozapad Metalwork Plant. Follow the link https://www.zavodsz.ru/ankernye- sistemy /fundamentnye-bolty / you can order products for different areas of production.

Features of use of foundation bolts

One of the most popular fasteners in production is the foundation bolt. It has high performance, reliability, durability and long service life. Manufacturing is usually carried out using durable stainless steel. They can be galvanized.

The main field of operation of foundation bolts is industrial and civil construction. They are used to fasten metal structures, columns, gates, conveyors, railings, etc.

Product catalog: what types of bolts to choose

On the site of the plant, you can see the main assortment of bolts:

  • Curved types 1.1 and 1.2.
  • With anchor plate type 2.1 and 2.2.
  • Composite types 3.1, 3.2.
  • With tapered end.
  • Removable type 4.1, 4.2.

The site provides a detailed list of bolt varieties. They differ in their nominal thread diameter. Also, the difference lies in the installation method. So, some are installed even before the concrete is poured, and others after the concreting process. All types of anchor bolts can be used in reinforced concrete foundations. Additionally, anchors are equipped with nuts, hooks, hinges and other fasteners.

Where to order foundation bolts?

Severozapad Steel Structures Plant offers to place an order for a wholesale batch of foundation bolts of various types. All customers are offered favorable terms of cooperation, including an affordable price range, the possibility of delivery to Russian regions. You can find out more about the services of the plant on the website by leaving a request. Experts will contact and advise on cooperation and ordering products.

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