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Solar panels SUNSAY Energy

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Solar panels SUNSAY Energy

SUNSAY Energy provides services for organizing a solar-powered business in Ukraine. We carry out a comprehensive survey of the facility, select the optimal parameters for solar power plants, provide installation work and maintenance throughout the entire period of operation.

Our company SUNSAY Energy cooperates with suppliers and manufacturers, whose authority does not need confirmation. This provides a 100% guarantee of equipment reliability. Likewise, we can guarantee high efficiency and efficiency in the use of solar energy. If you want to make your business more profitable and more successful, then you need a solar power plant for an enterprise . Moreover, we offer a selection of samples of various power and technical characteristics. Note also that they are all exclusively original production. Therefore, they have official guarantees of impeccable quality.

While awaiting a decision, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the concept and effectiveness of using solar power plants for business.

The essence of solar energy

Most businesses and commercial organizations are forced to endure and come to terms with rising electricity tariffs. This has a direct impact on the profitability of products and services. As a consequence, this leads to a decrease in work productivity.

At the same time, some of the domestic companies have already managed to fix a stable tariff for themselves. Moreover, for this it was not necessary to beg for state subsidies and subsidies for business development. This was made possible by solar panels for enterprises - with individually calculated power and specially selected configuration.

The first thing that was achieved during the use of autonomous solar energy is independence. Energy attachment to monopoly tariffs and energy supply conditions is no longer relevant for such enterprises. At the same time, the solar-powered business has concomitant benefits:

  • the ability to organize autonomous engineering communications - the independent energy of solar panels ensures the operability of the heating system, sewerage, septic tanks, hot water heating;
  • organization of lighting - both main and auxiliary or duty;
  • organization of uninterrupted power supply to all facilities of the enterprise;
  • there is a possibility of accumulating electricity;
  • DC to AC conversion;
  • regulation of electric current characteristics.

Using solar power plants for business in an enterprise, you can charge batteries, keep computer networks and machine tools running smoothly, provide lighting and water supply.

At the same time, the use of solar panels allows you to follow the requirements of environmental services, which eliminates their claims, regulations and fines.

Efficiency is also manifested in terms of maintenance - such equipment does not require complex preventive procedures, it is easily controlled by a full-time power engineer without the involvement of specialists from "OblEnergo".

Device and principle of operation of SES

Despite the seeming complexity of the whole structure, it is quite simple, and consists of only three modules:

  1. Photovoltaic cells - solar panels. They are the ones who receive solar energy and transmit it for conversion into electric current with constant amplitude.
  2. On-grid inverter - its tasks include converting the energy received from the panels into direct current and maintaining the standard voltage and current parameters.
  3. Bi-directional meter - it controls the power of the inverter, controls and optimizes the electricity consumption of the consumer network.

A bi-directional meter, when there is an excess of energy in the local power grid, disconnects consumption from the central power supply. If the consumption exceeds the volume of the generated current, then the machine connects the consumer points to the central power grid.

The principle of operation of such an autonomous power plant is as follows: the sun's rays on the panels of the SES are concentrated and converted into electricity. It is wired to the inverter for conversion into variable frequency current. By the way, ordinary solar panels produce electricity with a voltage of 220 volts, but some panels are capable of delivering a voltage of 380 V.

After passing through the inverter and equalizing all characteristics to the standard indicators, the current flows to the bi-directional meter, from where it is distributed to the switchboard enterprise and then to the consumer network.

Thus, the supply of electric current with stable characteristics of lighting devices, machine tools, low-power electric vehicles, office equipment, household appliances and others is ensured

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